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5 years ago

I bought a Emotiva Home Theatre amplifier. Emotiva is great. Unfortunately I have to deal with Bongo in the shipping process. The website showed a certain delivery date.
Bongo just introduced a 4-5 day delay by saying they charged a small amount of money from my credit card and I have to prove what it is. I would like to cancel my order but you can't even contact customer service via email. The website also shows that no orders will be cancelled.

First and last order if Bongo is involved – that's for sure. I may have potentially lost AUS $3200.


6 years ago

AVOID!!! I would have paid good money to post this review had it been required. First and last time I use Bongo. Ordered a $59 (USD) little boy's shirt from Was willing to pay the $5 box fee of Bongo International. Have ordered frequently from the States, so assumed shipping of this item would be minimal, whether it was by mail or courier service. Surely Bongo would provide its customers with different delivery options. Nope. First sign of trouble. Bongo couldn't figure out how to send to my hometown, (pop 7500), or even the larger city close by (pop. 94,000) without asking for a $30 extra fee to deliver to more " remote" addresses. Odd, since I have never had any trouble having other parcels delivered to my residence. Finally, decided to have the parcel delivered to my sister's address in Calgary (164 miles away) to avoid this "extra" charge. Cost of using Bongo's service–$54.66 (USD). Declined the "pay duty up front" fee of $20 (USD), since at this point I figured that charge would be inflated too. Actual cost of duty was $14 (CAD). This site doesn't even deserve a one star rating. It deserves a minus 5 star rating. AVOID!!!!


7 years ago

Never again.
Bongo received my item that was damaged (not Bongo's fault) and they were completely unhelpful towards helping me ensure the correct labels were placed on the item for a return to Amazon. They take nil responsibility and charge you an arm and a leg for uninspired service.

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