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2 years ago

Be aware of this seller!!! Just received box of Leaders mask which are on sale – all FAKE!!! The packaging has different shade of blue and on the front the Hyaluronic Acid in missing in the key ingredients. Contacted Leaders< sent them picture of the box and individual mask and they said it is not authentic product. I also ordered 2 boxes of A by Bom mask and havent checked them yet but i am afraid that it was all money wasted experience.


8 years ago

I've been shopping there twice. I have never had any problem with my orders, and I'm so happy that they accept paypal (it makes it easier for me). I like that they have the ''alert'' system which is when an item is out of stock, they will inform me when they get in-stock. The problem is that many of their items get outstocked fast.

The shipping price is very important to me since I live in Europe, so from Asia to Europe can be quite expensive. However, BonjourHK offers only 10.4$ shipping and FREE SHIPPING if you order items worth over 99.8$! Tracking number is also included. I received my parcel approx 7 days 😀

The website has many popular Asian products like Koji, Shiseido etc. + American/European products like Lancome. I was deadly happy when they sold Bifesta water makeup remover and Creer Beaute items!~ They do provide from head-to-toe items, even hairdyes (which Sasa don't, okay I'm evil for comparing now) BUT Sasa does provide more items for lifestyle (pills, health drink etc.)

I've contacted them before twice, and they sure replied me fast (less than 24 hours!).

They communicate in Chinese, French and English, but their English isn't perfect though (some grammatical errrors, but it's understandable ^^)
I'm very satisfied :)!

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