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1 year ago

Do not sign up! It's truly a hell to get out.


1 year ago

Stay away from subscription through this company! I am rewriting all the same feedback given by many reviewers here:
– I only chose to subscribe their 449kr limited issue subscription and they auto renew without consent given by subscribers.
– They sign you up for auto credit card payment without prior consent. I prepaid 449kr for the subscription and expect it to stop if i don鈥檛 renew but they renew and charge without prior consent.
– Called up to cancel and Customer service advised that they will refund the last 152.50 kr charged, today i received a letter demanding payment for 152.50kr.
– Following that phone call for cancellation of subscription and called twice for confirmation email of cancellation, never receive that email!!

Very unpleasant experience when you receive a letter stating payment owned to be paid up when you spoke to their customer service confirming notification of cancellation and promise to refund for the last payment charged!!

Stay away!!

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