Bonparfum Reviews - Bonparfum Scam or Legit


6 months ago

Bait and switch
I have ordered a cologne ( Le male couple by Jean-Paul Gautier) which I have used for years but it got discontinued in the US. However, BonParfum offered it on their website without the box for 60 dollars, which I paid for with shipping all excited!
I was extremely disappointed when they sent me the 鈥渞ight鈥?cologne bottle filled in with a different cologne( they used the original le male, which is different from Le male couple) as if, I would not recognize a cologne I have used for years.
The bottle showed clearly that it has been opened because the spray tip was "crooked".
I contacted them with pictures proof and they denied it.
This company is a scheme!! Do not buy from them.


10 months ago

My personal opinion is that this is a good store. Their customer service was great and shipping was fast too.


1 year ago

I am very surprised that there are a lot of bad reviews about this store. I am very pleased with the service. Payment was made through Paypol, the seller sent the parcel after 3 days. Parcel arrived 2 weeks after dispatch. The seller replied to all my messages before sending. So, I like this store and recommend it.


2 years ago

Worst company I have ever dealt with. First I was told my purchase was EDT and not EDP as advertised, then 4 days later was told had none in stock. I had to chase them for refund.
Do yourself a favour, pay a little extra elsewhere for peace of mind.


6 years ago

I ordered a D&G watch from Bonparfum, they said it'd arrive between 7-10 business days, I wrote to them after 11 business days, and I got no response. After 14 days I wrote again and I finally got an answer, saying that the watch was out of stock, it took them 14 days to figure out it was out of stock, and they had already drawn the money from my account, (which is illegal if you haven't sent the order). They had drawn 1408 kr, and gave me back 1401 kr, (which means 1 euro is missing). But atleast I got most of my money back.

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