Bonsai Boy Of New York

1 year ago

I have bought 8 plants from them over the past 3 years and they were always in great condition and a good value. I also live about 10 miles from the nursery and it is fun to go in and pick your own plant. I have been in the hobby off and on for 30 years.
I strongly recommend them.


4 years ago

Bought 8 different bonsai trees from this merchant 2 years ago. Trees range in ages from 3 year trees to 10 year old trees. They were expensive. Trees arrived fast and looked nice upon arrival. After a couple of days one of the trees began getting its leaves eaten by something and began to die. Upon inspection of the soil and pot I discovered over 50 tiny spiders who were living inside the soil and we're eating not only the leaves of the tree, but also the roots of the tree. Contacted Bonsai Boy and he told me to send him photos of the tree. I did. However, soon the leaves of the other trees began shriveling up, drying out and falling off. In less than 3 weeks after purchase all 8 trees had lost all their leaves, IN THE SUMMER, and I had been telling that all along to Bonsai Boy. I took various photos of each tree and sent them to him. In an arrogant and unfriendly tone of voice he told me he could reimburse me or replace some of the trees, but not all the 8 trees I had purchased from him. I asked him why and he said he would be losing money. I was ready to send all the 8 dead trees back to him. When he told me he would only replace 3 or 4 I told him to keep them all. I never received an apology (not even for the tree full of tiny spiders), a refund or any replacement tree. Lesson learned. Never buy bonsai trees from this guy. You will be throwing away your money and you will resent him for that for the rest of your life. Never again, Bonsai Boy from New York.

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