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1 year ago

Similar experience to others posted here – Cancelled in July. They continued to bill despite written cancellation and repeated follow up. 5 months later 9November 2019) they are STILL billing me. Thankfully, my CC company (Chase) credits the charge and I assume attempts to take it up with them but I am doubtful they get any response either. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Save yourself the trouble and do NOT sign up with them – there are PLENTY of other good options, TAWK, etc.


1 year ago

Terrible service – signed up for the "Free Trial" – tried to cancel before the 14 day deadline but my requests ignored several times, and my credit card was then debited.

Further e-mails through e-mail and ticketing system elicited no responses.

In addition, I couldn't get any of the features to work other than website chat which wasn't brilliant either..what looks to be a great idea and product but have fallen down completely on service and no confidence to run with at all. Try Liveperson as an alternative…..


1 year ago

Our account has been broken for weeks and no one in customer service is replying to emails or helping to fix it. Its a joke of a company!


3 years ago

Amazing app – I can get all the phone calls from my clients and the emails and live chats from my site and messages from facebook messenger and viber directly to the app on my phone.

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