Bonvenon Eventos Reviews - Bonvenon Eventos Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Don't buy at this shop. I ordered a Versace swim brief. First the packaging arrived very late. Second the packaging was literally dumped into my mailbox, without asking me for a signature. I stayed home all day and haven鈥檛 seen any courier. A piece of the plastic foil was ripped, seems like a knife cut. The product could got damaged easily!! I really don't understand why packed it in just a plastic foil, without any protection of the product! I paid 10 euros for the dispatch! For such a luxurious item, I expect to receive it in a carton packaging with proper protection and with an insured dispatch. The dispatch of the plastic foil wrapping meant for mailbox orders, without the demand of a signature, could never cost 10 euros. I asked about this and only got a numb reaction. My advice: stay away from this shop and buy elsewhere. They have a very lacking service and they will not provide you with a proper answer. I have never experienced such a bad customer service.

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