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5 months ago

Have 2 bosch athlet, one for upstairs and downstairs due to mobility issues. This hoover was purchased in December 2016, and initially had issues and a new brush head has to be replaced, The hoover is now not holding a charge and only lasts about 3 minutes of run time.
I called customer service to ask about a replacement battery, to be told that 1. the battery is very expensive and I would not be able to change it myself and 2. it probably would be cheaper to buy a new hoover.
Really not impressed at all and will now buy a Gtech, as you can buy and replace a battery easily and is not cost prohibitive.
Despite having initial problems with this hoover, I did purchase a second one for upstairs, but with such poor customer service and a machine with no great longevity, I would not purchase again.


8 months ago

We bought a vacuum cleaner less than 6 months ago, and since the second month of usage it just doesn't work! The vacuum creates more dust onto the floor than before. How can you sell such a shameful product and call this machine a vacuum cleaner ? I already wrote to the customer service, I hope you will do something about this rip off.


3 years ago

Rubbish oven. Had a 拢500 plus oven and within days it broke. The glass cracked on a self clean. The display doesn't work properly and the engineer said it's a common fault. If I swap for a new one the new one will be the same. Now out of warranty and doesn't work I now have to pay for a new display. The customer service are useless.
Also the oven doesnt cook great. Can't even get crispy roast spuds. The 拢99 oven we had before was great but was well old. We only changed as had new kitchen.
I would never buy a Bosch again. Poor quality and poor service.

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