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2 months ago

I bought my home back in 2013, it came with a Bosch dishwasher which I really loved. Did a fantastic job in cleaning and drying. However a year ago I started to have issues with the machine. Granted this machine has lived out its life expectancy. I now have water damage from the machine in my cabinets, and my home warranty program wasn't able to fix the issue. I found out there was a recall on my machine so Bosch offered me 40% off a new machine. Here is where I decided to go with another brand. 1. I never received my email like I was told I would with a rebate code, after calling twice. 2. They require you to go through their website to purchase your dishwasher, which these are regular MSRP pricing. 3. You are responsible for installation and haul off of the machine 4. There are no options for extended warranty coverage on your appliance. 5. Very little knowledge on their website FAQ. I was overly disappointed after all of that.


3 years ago

Very good quality and engineering. Does the job.


3 years ago

I purchased a Bosch Cordless Lawnmower from Amazon Warehouse at a discount price. Unfortunately the product from Amazon did not contain a collection basket for the lawnmower. However, on contacting Amazon rather than returning the product they gave me a further discount which was great. This discount allowed me to purchase a collection basket from directly Bosch plus a little extra for my time. Bosch online were extremely helpful and helped me identify the parts for the collection basket which was made up of three parts, plus the service from Bosch was exceptional and very cost effective and efficient. Thank you to both Amazon and Bosch for providing a very good service.


4 years ago

sito ufficiale bosch elettrodomestici: sicuro e affidabile


7 years ago

Hersteller von Elektronikprodukten/Haushaltsger盲ten/Werkzeugen/….

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