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11 months ago

Good quality material.


1 year ago

This review concerns Robert Bosch Customer Services (Service Client) France .
I bought a new model pull- out drawer fitted oven 6 weeks ago from Boulanger Electric Store, Boe 47, Lot-et-Garonne, France for over 1000 euros. The model was not in stock so could not be examined. When it was delivered I discovered it contained only one stainless steel rack.
I complained to Boulanger that other similar models in this price range supplied two steel racks. They directed me to contact Bosch customer services in France.
I duly sent three messages to Customer Services which were automatically acknowledged, but to date Bosch has not replied to my valid complaint. It is only normal to expect two racks in order to cook two separate dishes in the oven.
I was obliged to order from Boulanger after-sales an additional steel grill rack at 50 euros.
I have requested Bosch reimburse me my unnecessary expense of 50 euros when it should have been automaztically inclufded in an oven of this price range.


1 year ago

Bosch FLR15 is my love, thanks a lot)

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