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2 years ago

I bought this fridge a few months ago through appliances online. When we first bought it the temparature display flashed constantly. I called them and they told me to wait as the machine was settling. If they sent someone they would charge me if there was nothing wrong with the machine. So the warranty wouldn't cover. Scare tactics.
We did wait a few weeks and then it started to beep. Again we called them. And was told to wait it would go away. I put much less staff in it incase it wasnt cooling it etc…It was beeping randomly. Anytime of the day. Midnight. Morning. In the middle of something. It got to a point they eventually sent someone. Weeks later though. The mechanic told me it's been fixed. It would never beep again. But it did one day later. Booked the mechanic again. Putting up with the beep for a week or so again. Waking us up 4 o clock I the morning etc. It got to a point we were all hearing beeping sound even though nothing was beeping. As we needed the fridge to be on all the time we simply couldn't turn it off. We were heading towards a mental break down. I mean the whole family. Eventually they refunded us but they didnt refund us the delivery after all that suffering we went through. Who would imagine that. I will never buy Bosch again ever again.

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