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1 year ago

Dremel Multi-Max is my favorite tool. Working on the home, and safe enough for the kids to use on carving pumpkins.


1 year ago

I bought a very expensive (listed at 拢104.70 inc VAT in the UK) and supposedly professional quality article no. B-2-609-200-143 circle cutting jig for a Bosch GOF series router (their premium professional quality/blue power tool line) from a supplier in Germany (couldn't find one in stock in the UK) two weeks ago, and was horrified at the cheap construction, and by the number of defects it contained.
It was unusable as received.
This from a company that in years gone by delivered top quality and expert engineering above all else
It turned out to be a cheap and tacky plastic injection moulding (no obvious mention of plastic in the listing), and not the expected die casting per other accessories bought some years ago.
Not only that it was badly warped – out of flat by perhaps 2-3mm.
The main moulding should have been rejected.
Bosch clearly know about the problem, but sell the item anyway – the mould had been bodged in a highly unprofessional and failed attempt to stop the item rocking on a flat surface. Material had been machined away from it to create an ad hoc support rib on the underneath.
The guide rail slot was both undersized and warped.
The 'pop in' standard hex nuts used in place of proper threaded inserts are loose fitting, and fall out when disturbed.
The item shows signs of being the result of a minimum price outsource it in the far East job – bought by an accountant or similar and not subject to competent engineering oversight.
I had an urgent job to get done, and hence ended up wasting over a day's labour and a further 拢15 in materials to sort it out – heating and clamping it to get the warp out, then filling the back of the part with a polyester compound to stabilise it, then machining the base surface flat, adjusting the fit of the guide rail slot etc etc.
It now works, but in retrospect I should simply have returned it for a refund and made my own jig – I'd have ended up with a quality item for a few Euros and about the same input of time.
Even a refund is these days made complicated – shipping to Germany is expensive, and Bosch in the UK in keeping with many businesses make it extremely difficult to find contact addresses and phone numbers on their website – possibly so that calls are routed through a call centre.
This isn't so far as I'm concerned acceptable. All of my many workshop power tools are Bosch, but replacements from now on will likely not be – there's been several failures, and this is close to the end of the line.
I'd really like to hear some feedback from Bosch Power Tools on this matter – is this considered acceptable?
The early 1960s Bosch electric drill I inherited from Father meanwhile contrinues to work trouble free….


11 years ago

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