Bosch Reviews - Bosch Scam or Legit


5 months ago

Currently have a worcester bosch boiler fitted in my home and i can say hand on heart,it is the worst purchase i have ever made.The word engineering should not apply to this level of junk.Constant leaks and breakdowns.Currently in dicussion with Which consumer magazine who recommended this boiler as to why the rate it so highly.I have experienced nothing but inconvience with this dud and seven plumber repair bills that have averaged 拢300. I shall have the last laugh as i am going to replace the unit shortly.I am delivering the boiler to a Bosch office and dumping it on the floor.The return of unit will be rcorded and placed on social media.Such is my level of anger i need to highlight to Bosch what a truely terrible product this is.I might finally get some answers.

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