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1 year ago

Gem of a palace. Stayed here 3 times already. Would stay here every time I go to Budapest as it just makes the visit a memorable one.
The design of the reception area and New York caf茅 is outstanding. Even if you鈥檙e not staying here you must see this hotel.
Each time I鈥檝e stayed here I鈥檝e been upgraded to a Junior suite which in itself is amazing. Reasonably priced on food. Staff are kind and nothing is too much trouble.
Had a show at the Opera and the staff booked me a taxi and as it was raining heavily. They walked me to the taxi with an umbrella. Just little things that count.
Amazing place.


4 years ago

Took my gf for our first trip together as I planned to ask her to marry me. It was a surprise and as soon as she walked in the hotel she was shocked. Such a stunning establishment. Staff where so polite. Highly recommended


6 years ago

Myself and 4 of my friends walked by this fancy restaurant one day, and decided it would be fun to eat here, due to the cheap prices in Budapest. We dressed up for the occasion and showed up without any reservation and quickly got a table.

Everything seemed so far great- We had our orders taken, the starters came quickly as well as the drinks. However, this is where things went bad.

Our waiter had mistakenly herd our 2 times duck breast order as a duck breast and pork- From which we, when we got our food, informed them of the mistake. The waiter who brought our food were quick to respond with: "Don't worry, we'll bring out the right order in 5 minutes."

However, this is where our other waiter, who had taken our order, came to our table. I was then accused of having "definitely ordered pork," and he'd "was sure I had ordered pork." I told him nicely that "I had clearly stated, while pointing at the menu, that I'd like to order the duck breast." He then walked away, clearly not happy that I was not to blame.

From then on, the entire discussion were focused about the waiter- How rude he had been. I decided I needed a break, and went to the bathroom. In the meantime, our waiter arrived with the correct plate of food, telling my friends, while I was not at the table, that: "He knew that I had ordered pork." When I came back, to hear this, I was getting really annoyed.

We decided not to order anymore, and got our bills. Some starters were on the wrong bills, but we did not mind. They quickly sorted it out, and my friend decided to have a word with, who we would say was the manager, about the rude service. She opened her mouth and said the following:

Friend: "I get that you sometimes make a mistake-"

The manager cut her off-

Manager: "Listen, lady, the bills were a tiny mistake-"

She was, however, quick to respond.

Friend: "If you could please not interrupt me-"

Manager: "No, listen, listen! The bill was already printed!"

Friend: "If you could-"

Manager: "Please don't interrupt me lady-"

I got so annoyed that the manager was complaining about him getting interrupted, that I opened my mouth.

"Okay, listen up. We get the thing about the bill, but if you could PLEASE shut it for a second or two, you'd realize that it was NOT the issue which she wanted to discuss. She wanted to complain about the horrific service we've had this evening, and that we do not think that it's okay for you to treat your customers like this. So if you don't mind, we'd like to pay, so we can get the hell out of here, and have a nice evening, compared to what we've had so far."

He said nothing, just looking down, taking the money we've paid for the bills, not even apologizing.

We got up and left.


6 years ago

I had the displeasure of visiting The New York Caf茅 at the Boscolo Hotel in September, and I was more than disappointed.
The evening started out well, we got seated and the waiter helped us pick out a good wine, but that's about where it stopped being good.

When our dinner came they came with the wrong order for one of us. We took that pretty lightly though and thought that the wait which they said would be five minutes was completely fine.
It didn't take five minutes however but more like 20 or 30. In the meanwhile our waiter came and accused us for having ordered the wrong thing – regardless of whether we had or hadn't accidentally ordered wrong or there had been some misunderstanding – the way the waiter attacked us was simply unacceptable.
He did this twice, accusing us for having ordered the wrong thing, and the experience was overall unpleasant.

Furthermore when it came to paying we got wrong receipts. The dishes were all mixed up so that my starter was on my friends receipt and so on. When asked the waiter answered, that he was aware the receipts were wrong, he just didn't feel like changing them. Of course we asked him to change them and he did so in a very rude manner.

Around this time the manager had joined us, and I decided to politely point out, that our visit had been very dissatisfying. However the manager kept interrupting me and not listening to me – and then proceeded to have the nerve to ask ME not to interrupt HIM. In response to that I forcefully asked him to not interrupt me, and then proceeded to say that our waiter had been very rude. Our friend then told the manager, than we had had a very bad experience, and that we would like to leave.

That concluded our horrible experience at The New York Caf茅 in Budapest. Do not go there, it's not worth it.

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