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Website: The Mountain Road Framingham 01701 United States

7 months ago

This company offers no way to provide customer feedback. Made the energy draining effort of contacting them on phone to inform them that their selected delivery company, UPS had manifestly mistreated their delivery service. You only end up in product support, with a Bose employee who was highly uninterested in the feedback and informed me that he had nowhere to turn/forward the message, but perhaps to logistics, although this appeared to be a dead end as well. Moreover, there was no possibility to be connected to someone who would care about customer satisfaction, and the only option to contact the company in writing is… Facebook Messenger. I rest my case. Not even a contact form. My advice is to buy Bose products (if at all) from a reseller who offers a decent point of contact/customer service (interesting though that Trustpilot appears to be able to contact them on an info email to inform them on this review) Not buying directly form their web page again. There is clearly no process that is adapted for B2C purchases/relations.


2 years ago

I have read so many bad reviews about Bose posted on Trustpilot as of date. Shame because Bose, though not a very large outfit, is a well-known U.S. brand. My experience with Bose goes wide. Once when I visited a Bose retail shop in a capital city of a Europian country, they gave me a broken pair of Quiet Comfort II headphones for a demo. When the uninterested shop assistant realized the glaring mistake, no apology was forthcoming. The same goes for Bose clerks who answer customer concerns via their dot com websites. Just take the money and run while trying to soothe a customer with a clich茅 used by glib snake oil salesmen – "we'll look into the matter". What is unsaid and proven is that best before date for their look-into is equal to infinity.Therefore unfortunately for Bose, I must agreee with ALL those customers who have given Bose a single red star. Being a small company should offer Bose an advantage over sound customer-care. However, to the contrary, nothing, yes nothing seems to work properly at Bose customer services c/o When a purchase has really gone south, clerks who answer the phone will not divulge their supervisor's name because these clerks dodge the issue by saying that isn't company policy! After such a unsatisfactory response Bose dare to mail you a customer review form which doesn't lead anywhere becuase the link takes you to the message "soory, server error" ! So let me say, those people with money in their pockets who are thoroughly dissatisfied with Bose's performance should be Better Off with Something Else ! Let us allow Bose to "obess over customer care" and practice their unsound company policies with customers who seem satisfied. Please note that I have documentation to prove the claims I have made on this review regarding dot com.

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