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8 months ago

At the moment I really cannot say anything positive about Bose, absolutely nothing.

Bought the soundbar 500 when it just came out and ever since I regularly need to unplug or reset the device. Once it disconnects from internet, the system is stupid enough to not reconnect to it on it鈥檚 own. Nowhere in the app a status can be found of what is the matter, as the app is not reachable when there are issues.

There I am sitting on the floor in the hallway with a premium device, connected to the internet (wired), because the system was stuck in an update loop (search the bose community, I鈥檓 not the only one). Resulting to send the soundbar to Bose and receive it back in 2 weeks. As I like to listen to music I connected my 18 year old Sony system, that鈥檚 still working flawless (although dated and less 鈥榗onnected鈥?.

Soon after I received it back, it stopped working, so I called Bose as I am tired of this. If I wanted to try to unplug and plug it in again. Hello!? That鈥檚 no solution. In meantime I have done this trick 4 times in approx 2-3 weeks. If this is the solution, I could better have bought a cheaper system.
During the call I was asked about my router, if I had made adjustments and I said no. Then I鈥檓 asked if I could wire the soundbar to the internet and as I do not have a cable that鈥檚 long enough and do not want to sit on the floor with my o so premium soundbar, we made an appointment that I would be called back on an agreed date and time, so I could make the necessary arrangements. All done and one week after I鈥檓 still waiting for his call…

In meantime I also again have a replacement pending for my sleepbuds, in meantime the 4th pair. Where most issues for these things were the batteries that did not charge beyond a certain point. With these buds every time the magnet from the buds come loose and it is a hell of a job to get them charged without these.

Short said, I鈥檓 finding Bose bad quality products and lacking of customer services.


4 years ago

It's hard for me to express how deeply disappointed I am in your (BOSE) customer service. One day after purchase of a pair of the AWESOME Bose Sound sport earbuds, I lost the clothing clip. I contacted customer service on October 1, 2016聽 regarding a replacement clip for my earbuds. This was after an email (with a 72 hour response guarantee ) was not responded to after a week! The representative was kind and helpful. She stated she would send me a replacement clip, free of charge.聽 After three weeks, I had not received the replacement clip. I contacted customer service again and they stated it will be mailed within the next two weeks. A follow-up call allowed me to learn it will be an ADDITIONAL delay. I still have not received it. I would've聽 replaced them on my own if I would've known it would've taken so long. I have always loved your products and consistently recommend your sound sport earbuds to this day, but this has left a bad impression on me.


4 years ago

A little more than two years ago I bought a set of Bose Quietcomfort 15 for myself and 5 more sets for my company. Today, the left speaker is broken on 3 out of the 5 sets, and 3 new sets already need to be replaced. As long as the head phones were working, I was quite satisfied with the quality of the sound, but for a 200 拢 headset, and given that this malfunction has occured on most of the sets, I am extremely disappointed!


6 years ago

i bought the SEI12i sports earphones and now one of the earphone has popped out. i have been trying to get hold of customer service for help as i do not remeber the serial number but do hold proof of purchase.
can some one help in assisting with the replacement?


8 years ago

Recently bought a Bose Quiet Comfort 15 and could test it right away in the plane on my way to my holiday address. Smart that the Plane music adapters are included, so I could watch all the on-board movies with super sound quality. Unfortunately I had some small children on the row next to me, but also these sounds were nicely cancelled so I had some good sleep as well 🙂

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