Bose Reviews - Bose Scam or Legit


5 months ago

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1 year ago

Bought a SoundBar 700 with Bass Module last year, now the bass module broke just after the end of the 12 month warranty and there is nothing they can do. Absolutely inappropriate for what prices they call.


2 years ago

it is so bad that you pay nearly 300 euros for 2 years limited life device !

Quite comfort 25 right side just stopped working, no drama happened to the headset, no dust, always in the shell and total usage time was no more 60 hrs!. Just stopped working like any cheap headset for 10 euros!, the support mentioned that guarantee is just 2 years and my speaker is 2 years 4 month old. it is a known error on the internet but support refused to admit it and now I have to through it away!


3 years ago

I've been a Bose customer all my adult life, 20+ years. I owned everything Bose, headphones (3 right now), and speakers. That is, until I walked into a German Bose in Cologne 6 months ago.

I did notice some quality control issue over the last several years with their headphones, not yet with my speakers, but I kept looking for that once-good company that I once knew, and it took a verbal assault to wake up to what the Bose of today is really like.

At the Bose Cologne, to which I traveled especially for 2+ hours just to get the headphones I picked out before, I got a wake up call. The customer service (if I can call it that) was atrocious, and best described as verbal assault, surely the single worst experience I ever had in any and all stores, and I traveled all over the world, and thought I experienced it all. Not until Bose Cologne, I didn't.
I was travelling through Germany (I'm Canadian) and picked out my next headphones while in Frankfurt but my current in-ear headphones, although in shreds were still working so it took me 3 weeks to decide if I really want another pair, while I was travelling through Europe. On my last day in Germany, near Cologne I decided to buy them, and made a couple-hour trip to the Bose Cologne store, to get the same headphones I tried in Frankfurt. But the Frankfurt ones didn't look exactly the same (they had black ear covers) so I asked the very bored customer service clerk in Cologne who was chatting with his security guard at the back of the store, if he could Frankfurt store to confirm which headphones were displayed at the back of their store, and then I would for-sure buy them. He refused. I didn't have the right SIM Card to make the call myself. I tried to reason with him, telling him that I"m ready to buy them, just need to know which of the 3 that he has in stock here, I tried 3 weeks earlier. He kept refusing, saying he doesn't have them (he did, actually). I told him that I'll be making a complaint about him. His resistance and laziness turned to verbal assault and insults, as him and his equally bored security guard told me to leave their utterly empty store. And it's not like they were busy. There was exactly nobody in the store throughout this ordeal, they just wanted to get back to their conversation and get rid of the customer, with insults, if necessary.

I ended up doing a short Frankfurt stop the next day, and went to the Frankfurt Bose store. Sure enough, the Cologne store DID have the right headphones, the Frankfurt store just put different color ear buds on their display model. So I got refused service in Bose Cologne, refused the product I was ready to buy and traveled for 2 hours to get, and also got insulted and verbally assaulted at the same time.

Doesn't BOSE rip us off enough to at least provide a non-humiliating customer service experience? Seriously, the markup is horrendous, the product literally falls apart within months, the least they could do is at least offer basic customer service to hand over their overpriced, crappy product.
I was polite and excited to buy my headphones when I walked in, and completely #boycottBose when I walked out. That's another 20 years of me giving money to a more deserving company.

Latest update: The headphones I did buy in Frankfurt already have a wire peaking out after several months of use. The ones I bought a year before, have 60% of wire exposed, so much that I get electric shocks in my face when I listen. The over-the-ear headphones no longer offer the wire replacement so if I want them to work again, I have to buy a brand new over-the-ear pair. Not surprisingly, they make sure each new cable for their over-the-ear headphones is incompatible with the last, so that you buy the headphones thinking that you'll be able to replace just the cable, but then… surprise… you need to buy a whole new pair of headphones instead. Got ya again!

What are we paying for??? Isn't it time to give Bose a run for their money? They are running on their reputation while providing crappy product and crappy customer service, where they insult their customers.

Dear Bose Customer service: If you really care I do have the exact time/place of the incident, there was a video camera in the store that I noted (but who am I kidding, right?)


7 years ago

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Zitat: "Bose hat tats盲chlich Pionierarbeit geleistet, nur mit HiFi hat das wenig zu tun" :

Der 'hochwertige' Bose-Sound …

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9 years ago

Feinste Technik.


11 years ago

Bose, klar Sound den man erleben muss/sollte

Zwar ziemich teuer, aber der Klang, ein Traum den man nicht glaubt

Habe Acoustimass 7 hier, mit Sony STR-DB940QS

Toller Klang 😀

Senkt mal eure Preise im realistischen bereich 😀

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