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Website: Parkv忙nget 25 Roskilde 4000 Denmark

1 year ago

They are abusing the system, because most of their customers are expats and do not know the Danish law.

It is not legal to charge tenants for 鈥渘ormal wear and tear鈥?type of damages and claim they need to pay for painting the walls. Yet, this company does that.

They literally rob their tenants claiming whatever they charge for is normal. It is disgusting how they take advantage of students who are in desperate need of housing.


5 years ago

So, I can see all the reviews are absolutely terrible towards Boligselskabet Sj忙lland here, and that rejoices me. I have lived in Filosofparken in Roskilde, and in RUC Ungdomsboliger, also in Roskilde.

The first thing which is absolutely ridiculous and unheard of, is that you can pay up until 14 days of rent without living in your apartment (which BSS are keen on using to the full extent). Considering the remarkably high level of rent, you can quickly pay between 2000 and 3000DKK for 14 days for an apartment that you do not live in! Fantastic.

Another thing is the deposit. I lived 6 months in an apartment before I had to move out (done with the studies), where I paid 4000DKK in deposit and only getting 2000DKK back. Why? Because Boligselskabet Sj忙lland most likely has some partnerships with painters and other workers, and thus need to give them some work at all costs.
During the moving out check, the man from BSS pointed to a wall where there was a small mark and said "we will need to paint that over". I take a sponge and some water and remove the mark in two seconds. The same happened in the kitchen but he said "I already wrote it in the report". On top of that. 1100DKK will be taken from me for cleaning some scaling. Remember that I only lived there for 6 months. So, they expect an apartment cleaner than when you moved on. Even so, they will find some work to give to their painters, etc…

So, when a new person moves in, Boligselskabet Sj忙lland has the rent money from the new person, the deposit from the new person and the deposit from the old person. And they just take their time and play around with people's money.

On a small sidenote, we can mention the eagerness from BSS for you to make the payments and prove to them that you have made the payment before they will do anything. Many of the apartments in Trekroner are for students, but there are very few students and instead many social delinquants, because of course BSS only cares about the money they get every month (had the pleasure of having a pothead picking up a fight while I was hanging out with some friends).

Go through an honest agency instead. Hope this review helps some people. Cheers.

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