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7 months ago

From meeting my first Bosley person ( Kevin at the front desk) to my consultant (Jennifer) to my doctor (Dr. Campisi), his PA, and techs – I knew that I was in the right place for hair restoration surgery.

Everyone was extremely nice and attentive to me – and only me. That is so unusual these days. Every step of the way, my stress from the unknown (and the known) of the hair restoration process was carefully and fully handled by the New Orleans (Metairie) Bosley staff.

So speaking from my experience,

I was given the exact details of the procedures and their costs at the time of consultation with Jennifer. She was so nice and informative. Once the hair restoration surgery date was set, Kevin sent reminders of the date along the info to bring, what to wear, etc.

Then came the surgery day…

Kevin handled all the paper work with a smile, Jennifer reviewed the procedure with a smile, and then Dr. Campisi came into the room. He immediately went to work, evaluating my hair situation, telling me his opinion on what needed to be done, described the procedures, etc. – in a super nice super professional manner. I immediately knew that I had the right Dr. to do this!!!

The surgery was fascinating. Felt no pain throughout the process. Dr. Campisi used his experience to give me sound advice on decisions that I needed to make every step (hairline, implant numbers, etc) of the way. It is an all day event. Most of the day, you really are sitting in a chair, watching TV or listening to music, as folks work on your head. The techs assisting Dr. Campisi kept it pretty light hearted in the room. I didn鈥檛 get their names – but they were awesome and hilarious.

The day ended with me having hair where I had no hair. I had no pain and in fact, drove home (3 hour drive) that afternoon. You are given a step-by step procedure on how to take care of the hair grafts. The instructions are real easy to understand.

I did want to address something that I saw in reviews of other offices (not the NO office). At no point in time was I ever 鈥渦p-sold.鈥?In fact, Dr. Campisi recommended less implants than I had wanted which resulted in less money for them. So, if they are up selling, then they are the worst up sellers ever!

It was a great experience. I can鈥檛 thank the New Orleans Bosley office enough for all that they did for me. Bottom line – they care about you the person and will turn your bald spots into history!


8 months ago

Had the surgical restoration, totally upset I spent $12,000 procedure all for nothing.


9 months ago

Refused entry to their clinic base on my disability Call (816) 360-3200 if you have complaints. this is an unscrupulous company that is not concerned the quality of their work or how they conduct themselves.


9 months ago

I had a procedure done over a year ago and they made my hairline crooked. I showed them and the doctor swore it was straight. He brought out the ruler and measured. Even after doing that , he still swore it was straight even though it wasn鈥檛! It鈥檚 crazy how doctors will just say they are right when you have proof they are not! Very aggravated by the lack of professionalism, and told me I could get another procedure done for $5000. I think not.


10 months ago


What you should know.

A) At the evaluation, Your blood pressure (BP) is not checked.
Bosley will take your deposit and set an appointment for your procedure.
Knowing if you have High BP they will not perform the procedure.
B) If you have high blood pressure the day of your procedure, due to chronic high BP, anxiety, or nervousness. They
Will Not perform the procedure. My BP is Mild Hypertension at the most 140/90 or lower,
I was nervous so it went up both times I went, weird.
C) Bosley should check your BP at the Evaluation for their records.
Or have a copy of your doctor鈥檚 record showing the BP.
D) You will be responsible for all your traveling, food, hotel, parking fees Etc鈥?br />
E) The Houston & Dallas Facilities are in a high-rise, in the city with only garage parking.
Why Bosley isn鈥檛 in a medical plaza or hospital I don鈥檛 know.
F) The procedure consists of skinning a strip of hair scalp from ear to ear, in the back.
While you鈥檙e wake, what could go wrong, lol.
G) The scalp under influence will be numbed and stabbed repeatedly.
Then the hair will be planted in each stab wound 1000 or 2000 grafts, you get the idea.
H) You will have a large sandwich, drinks, music or movie, This could take 4 to 10 hours.
After which you will go home, the doctor will call 2 hours later to see how your dong.
I) You will then be responsible for all medical scalp application treatments.
With no monitoring of infection or progression of healing from Bosley ever.
J) In 2 weeks it will be up to you to pull your own stitches and evaluate your scalp.
At no time will Bosley ask you to come in for a check-up during or after the procedure.
K) The Warranty I was offered was only 100 grafts and I had 1800 grafts planted.
Not much of a warranty, it would have taken 400+ grafts to fix what was damaged.
H) I had a receding hairline not bad just started and a balding spot at the back of my head.
They don鈥檛 fill in the bald spot at the back of my head.
I had 2 procedures 2000 graft first time and 1800+ the second time.
J) My warranty was to cover what went wrong the last time but my BP was too high.
K) When I got home my BP was 89/137 and has been down since.
This happens at both warranty procedures go figure.
I guess too much bad blood was between us for me to relax.

I just want people to know what Bosley will not tell you at the evaluation.
Until after they collect your deposit and you鈥檙e at your procedure.
My First procedure with Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) went great, then Bosley bought MHR.
My second procedure failed and I wasn鈥檛 compensated at all.


1 year ago

The entire team at Bosley are caring, knowledgeable, highly competent, professional, and provided a superb hair restoration experience for me. Pre and post-operative instructions were clearly explained and I felt no discomfort following the procedure.


1 year ago

The shampoo did help after a month. The downside, the shampoo for color treated hair doesn't live up to this claim. After 10 days use my color continued to fade and was totally gone by months end.

Dont recommend if you color your hair


1 year ago

Excellent consultation with Dustin in Charlotte, North Carolina. The visit was thorough, with many options explained. My approach will be laser restoration with a 1% solution of finasteride. The thought process is to see what hair come in, what thickens and what will ultimately need a hair transplant. Very professional, enjoyable consultation.


1 year ago

I drove an hour to Jacksonville Fl today and waited 45 minutes for my consultation. My consultation lasted about 4 minutes. Micheal or whoever the guy was, was the most arrogant, belittling, condescending A-HOLE I have met in a long time. I am already self conscious enough and what I needed was a consultation, not humiliation. I have plenty of money to finally afford this procedure and he mad me feel like Julia Roberts in the scene in Pretty woman when she went into the store to buy clothes and they said she couldn't afford their store. I'm so freaking upset and humiliated. I am on a mission now to social media the sh2t out of this appointment I will trash Bosley every chance I get, that's how upset he made me. I am a 50 year old man with a very good career who just wanted to make some cosmetic improvements.


1 year ago

i would not pay this unfair dollar amount for their products big time rip off.


1 year ago

I did my hair transplant back in 2017. After 6 months i started noticing a little change in the front but the back is still bald nothing really changed i paid over 2500 and i still owe 7600. Please go somewhere else to do you're hair transplant bosley is not worth it.


1 year ago

Thanks for sharing!! If you are looking at a best hair transplant clinic in London at fewer prices then must visit Harley Street Healthcare


1 year ago

8/27/2019 I had an incredible consultation with Michael in Jacksonville. I was very skeptical about hair restoration and if it was even possible to get my hair back, but Micheal put my mind at ease and answered every question i had. Friendly, empathetic, and professionally, i can't wait to start my treatment plan. -BOSLEY IS VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE MICHEAL AS PART OF THEIR TEAM.


1 year ago

Please don't waste over 10k over bosley or any hair transplant place in America. They are trying. If you want hair transplant, it's well documented to go to Turkey. They do the best hair transplant and it costs less than 2k… That's crazy price. People all over go to Turkey for that. I'm going in couple years, don't ever get hair transplant in the US!


1 year ago

Tammy was great to work with very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Could not have ask for a better consultant. Thanks Tammy


2 years ago

If there were an option to give this place ZERO stars I would gladly do it. I had mild recession on my hairline and after seeing so many of their late night infomercials I decided to save up enough money to get this procedure done with them at their Bosley Washington D.C. office. The initial consultation was great and the sales woman promised me the moon and the stars stating that Bosley Hair Restoration was the industry leader and committed to excellent results and satisfaction. The day before the procedure I was called in to come in as a replacement for a "cancellation" (which I believe is some sort of tactic that they do). I came in and the doctor was trying to rush me into the procedure room. He didn't even ask what sort of coverage or hairline I wanted, he just quickly drew some abnormal line on my forehead and said let's go. I stood my ground and told him to at least take my input into consideration prior to the procedure. Long story short…1 year post op, little to no growth and a HUGE scar on the back of my head. 2nd correction procedure: Came in and met with a different doctor who concurred that the previous procedure was less than ideal and agreed to do a corrective FUE. When it came time for the procedure he now backtracked and "nickle and dimed" me on the amount of grafts they would do which would end up being 200 grafts which was 80% less grafts than what had been done in my initial procedure. Whereas only 40% of the initial grafts from my first procedure had grown. Simple math would suggest that this would not be enough. They went ahead and did the procedure. 9 months later….NO GROWTH. 3rd corrective procedure…Had a consultation with yet ANOTHER Bosley doctor who profusely apologized for my lack of growth and stated that they would do the procedure again with an FUT but that I would need to sign a waiver and that this would be the final correction. I stated that I was fine with that, believing that was only fair since it would finally be fixed. I am now 1 year post op my 3rd corrective procedure with Bosley and not only has there been NO GROWTH but I actually suffered shock loss and all of my native hair that was in close proximity to the transplanted hair has permanently fallen out in addition to the transplanted hair not growing and the FUT scar on the back of my head is bigger than ever!! I am actually in a worse position than I was 3 years ago prior to undergoing my procedures with Bosley. I am sure that when I contact them about this they will blame me or my scalp or anything else to avoid taking responsibility that their doctors might be lacking the necessary skills required to perform these procedures successfully. I feel cheated and that my life has been ruined by Bosely Hair Restoration. Please do your research before choosing them. They are a hair transplant "Mill" that only cares about profits and number of new clientele not about actually providing quality and satisfactory outcomes for their patients. I found a new hair loss website that provides great information about male pattern baldness called that is in the process of listing and rating good and bad hair transplant clinics. You should check out their website if you are suffering from male pattern baldness and seeking honest and accurate information. I have also posted my story there with pictures to warn others and you can also read it and leave comments to share your similar experience as well…this is the link


2 years ago

Very UNPROFESSIONAL approach from Bosley employee, Drake called me this afternoon, I told him that the cost is way too high so I am not interested while I am talking and explaining him that your call center agents keeps calling me Drake hung up on me…. so RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL, I called him back to make him realise his mistake and he was like "What are you talking about………." I will never get my treatment done here, if they have such an attitude I can imagine what could happen during or after the treatment…Thank you so much Mr Drake for making my confirm decision.


2 years ago

I received fantastic consultation from Micheal Tawil in Jacksonville, Florida and completed my procedure in the Orlando location. Doctor Rodillo and his staff were phenomenal in thier work! Professional, proficient, and accomodating. They were even patient with me as I was waiting for my ride.


2 years ago

Daniel was very knowledgeable!


2 years ago

I think this stuff is for guy right ? I could be wrong i saw an add for it and i remember i couldnt help but read the artical and guys where having anxiety attack s from using this product cause there hair where falling out from what ever was in the Bosley product. Haha scary right? Wpuldnt wanna be a guy and loose my hair


2 years ago

My husband was losing some hair at the top of his head and we ordered some of this and it worked out great his hair looked so much better


2 years ago

AWESOME SERVICE! Dr. Mayer and his staff are outstanding. You will wish you had done it sooner! You can't go wrong with Dr. Mayer and his staff at Bosley.


3 years ago

I had my procedure three tears ago in San Francisco with Dr. Aragoni and am so happy I did! I was so ashamed of my hair thinning, being a woman, I didn't know what to do. Bosley is the leader of the industry because of the talent of the doctors and the excellent customer service of the staff…especially in San Francisco. Thank you Phil, Denise, Rochelle, nurses and Dr. Aragoni! My hair looks great and no more embarrassing hair days


3 years ago

I finally made the decision to go see someone about my hair loss and chose Bosley as I've heard great things about them. I made my appointment. A few days before, I received a voice message reminding me of my upcoming appointment. The next day leading up to my consultation, I received an email. Again, reminding me of my appointment. Now it's the day of the appointment. I receive a text message about 4 hours before my consultation. Again, reminding me of my appointment. My hair has been falling out- I don't need any reminders about an appt that might just move me forward with regard to that. But, thanks for the reminders. Now, day of appointment, a couple of hours before my consultation, I get an email apologizing that due to scheduling issues, they won't be able to see me that day and they will follow up in a couple days to reschedule me. Huh?? It gets better. Five days later, I get an email from them saying "We are sorry you weren't able to make it to your appointment", a rep will reach out to you and reschedule you. LOL Been two weeks, nothing. So disappointed.


4 years ago

Thorough assessment, many options provided, no pushiness to sell products. Woukd absolutely recommend to family and friends.

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