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1 year ago

I did buy a bag cat litter 40 lbs on Sept 26 @ Bosley's #7060 pay $12.59 CAD by Debit and I did buy other one on Oct 09 @ Bosley's #7009 a bag of cat litter 40 lbs pay by debit $12.31 CAD, I did ask if I change the mine can I return or exchange, they always said, yes, I did not buy so long, how can the consumer know they did change the policy two bags was not open and at the back of the receipt show customer care policy show they will fund purchases returned in original packaging with receipt with 30 days, I only like to exchange the new cat litter on Oct 13 2019, the staff name on Tiffani @ Bosley's#7060, she said, all cat litter was final sale, can't exchange or refund, doesn't matter you did open or not, I did show her the back of receipt did not said the cat litter was the final sales, she said was on the exception item, no need to show anywhere, our manager tell us to let any customer like you to return this product was sting, why do you said, that this product was not use and the bag did not open, you can re-sales, she said, you can speak to our manage on next Tue, on Oct 15, if like that, can I leave the cat litter here, the cat litter was so heavy, total was 80 lbs, she said, can't you need to carry again, we can't keep any item to return, she did send the text message to the manager, and she need me let the next customer to check out first, the last customs did very upset to me said, the F work to me, said, I did hold on the line, he can't check out, because I need to return the cat litter, she did crying too, show I am unbelievable, end up she did exchange to me to buy the F4L ECO Grass 20 lbs., and you did put the final sales on my receipt said, I can't refund or return any more, total in the store, I did use 45 min to an hours to finish this exchange

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