BOSPAA Reviews - BOSPAA Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Thus company still has not replied to any of my correspondence let alone refunded me for sending me the wrong product and the product they sent was fake!!


2 years ago

Do not purchase from BOSPAA They sent me the wrong item purchased and it is fake!! They do not reply to any correspondence and do not refund any of your money


2 years ago

This company is a fraud!
They have website registered in the UK, but run from servers in Turkey, their bank account is in China (Canton).
They ask very competitive price for products which are no more available from authorised retailers for companies like Barbour, but they do not even deliver counter fakes.
They just charge you credit card making fool of you. Mony ids transferred directly to China. No receipt is even send to you. The proof of payment they send you in a email just after the transaction is a joke, with no information necessary to claim back your expenses from bank or VISA.
After that they do not respond to your emails.
The problem is that they keep low profile and the UK registered website is misleading.
For me this is a criminal case and the website should be closed down, even if the server is located outside the UK or EU.
My next step is to handover the case to my VISA provider and to the Trade and Economy Department at the local Chinese Embassy.
Be careful the website is still active! DO BUY FROM THEM


2 years ago

Don't, don't , don't use this site. They have just fleeced me out of over 拢100 and sent me the wrong order of much cheaper goods.


2 years ago

Fake goods/clothing site. Looks good but is a complete fraud. site used to belong to a Bolton community organisation. Buyers beware.

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