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8 months ago

Seller does not provide any independent, objective proof of his previous results or provides any insights; the buyer only receives claims of a 15-20% profit per month (web site), or him having "only" made $22k in May 2020 in his personal account (Telegram group posting June 11).
Seller also sold his service at Fiverr, where he had one rating on his service (proof: Youtube video uScH7xktWKM at the 5m33s mark, uploaded April 24), however his profile has been removed there in the meantime.
He is constantly emphasizing that he is not using Stop Loss, only Take Profit, because (citing his web site) "you don't lose in Forex unless you close your trades".
Number of currency pairs traded according to web site is 10 (for the $49 package; was 7 for the $50 Fiverr deal). Seller claims to be a swing trader; signals are open 1 to 3 days (web site claim) or up to 7 days (Fiverr gig). He promises a minimum of 500 pips per month for the $49 package and claims an average of 2,000 pips, with an average of 50 pips per trade (see private message from the seller in the video above at 5:53).
I purchased his $49 package for one month and was invited into two Telegram groups and keep receiving five emails per week with zero to two new signals (plus a reminder to keep the already opened trades open, because "we do not use Stop Loss").
No indication is given about his analysis or strategy or where he derives his signals from, plus my question as to which leverage to use in accordance with his risk management strategy still remains unanswered.
Performance of the newly added trade signals I received until June 8 (Quality hasn't improved since then):
– May 26: Sell EURCAD, Entry 1.5208, TP 1.5168: closed after 5 days; profit 40 pips, drawdown over 170 pips
– May 27: Buy GBPAUD, Entry 1.8520, TP1 1.8625, TP2 1.8700: TP1 hit within one hour (gain 95 pips), TP2 never. Pair went below 1.8060 on June 3 – 5; max. drawdown so far >460 pips. Currently at 1.81248; "still a buy"
– May 27: Sell AUDCAD, Entry 0.9100, TP 0.9025: Trade still open; currently at 0.9377; drawdown 277 pips, planned profit 75 pips
– May 28: Buy EURAUD, Entry 1.6629, TP 1.6704: TP hit within ten hours, gain 75 pips
– May 29: Buy GBPAUD, Entry 1.8479, TP1 1.8565, TP2 1.8700: TP1 hit within three hours, TP2 never. See above
– June 1: Buy USDCHF, Entry 0.9608, TP1 0.9638, TP2 0.9660. TP1 hit on June 2 (profit 30 pips), TP2 never. Max. drawdown 66 pips
– June 4: Sell EURJPY, Entry 121.98, TP1 121.55, SL 122.30. SL reached within 30 minutes (despite seller claiming to never use SL), loss 32 pips; TP not reached yet
– June 5: Sell CHFJPY, Entry 114.00, TP1 113.70, TP2 112.70. TP1 hit June 7, TP2 never
– June 8: Sell CHFJPY, Entry 113.55, TP1 112.70. TP1 hit, TP2 never
– June 8: Buy USDCHF, Entry 0.9629, TP1 0.9649, TP2 0.9665. Open

Seller conveniently circumvents all risk by shifting all responsibility towards the signal buyer and his risk management (through requiring him to use proper lot sizes) by simply declaring his trading style as "swing trading" and ruling out any potential losses from the start by not using SL and simply waiting until each chart reverts by themselves, making the duration of the open trades the only variable (which is highly fluctual and so far ranges from 30 minutes to almost three weeks).
The seller is sometimes right about a chart, but often the market turns around after signal publication. Even some guys in his Telegram group admit they scalp to compensate losses, or state that everyone has to do their own chart analysis and can not simply copy signals.
Therefore I would describe the seller's strategy as "gambling". In combination with him experimenting with Stop Loss (despite his constant claims to not use) and a combination of "lucky" trades closing within a few hours and "trades gone wrong" open for over a week with huge drawdowns I highly doubt the seller's self-proclaimed 12-year experience trading Forex and other products (according to his web site).


1 year ago

I am EXCITED to work with Boss Traders, LLC. Trevor James is a master trainer. His confidence, Forex mastery, and talent is simply AMAZING. I am learning the art of patience, discipline, strategic positioning, balance, emotional detachment, and having a positive mindset. Working with Trevor and Boss Traders was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. I am not new to learning the Forex market. For two years, off and on, I sat glued to the computer starting at 3:30 AM and made no more than $100 at a time. As a new Forex client with Boss Traders, for nearly a month now, I have made close to $1,000. I am looking forward to this new journey, and Boss Traders is the way to go!!!

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