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1 year ago

I order 7 dresses for bridesmaids. Should ja e been delivered the 25th Oct . I left to go to bali for my wedding 23 oct ..the desses were delivered the 4 th November. My check out price was $160.00 …but $$247.00 was taking out of my account .the communication was deplorable never answering my question s . My advice do not buy from this company !


1 year ago

I came across a site for a company called Bossanna. I browsed and found a few things that were cute and seemed to be a good price. I checked the description and found that the items I was looking at were listed as 80% cotton 20% polyester and thought it would be a good deal. WRONG. First this company is based out of China but they do not indicate this when you are making for purchase. I did not fond out that I had bought clothong from China until the package arrived. Second their idea of a cotton/poly blend is nothing on the sort, but rather some strange man made fabric.Third their return policy is a lie. When I tried to contact them to get the proper address where to return their merchandise at first they did not respond. When they finally did they offered a 15% refund and suggested that I donate or give the merchandise away. I refused however to ship the garbage back to China costed $33.50 in US dollars, so roughly 1/2 of my purchase. This is the first company I have ever dealt with that did not provide a return label. At the moment the package is stuck in Customs and I have no idea if I will actually receive the refund that I am due. I put the charge into dispute with my bank and they had the never to fight it. I am reporting them to e-commerce, The Attorney General, and a few other agencies in hopes of having them blocked from selling their Crap on line in the United States. It has been very costly and a huge waste of time to do business with these crooks. There are more reputable companies to do business with and I highly suggest you take your business elsewhere.

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