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5 months ago

Hundreds of people including myself have lost money . I am not here to convince you 聽into doing what you are not sure of, i am just here to give a testimony and share my experience. 聽if you have been a victim of Genesis Mining, please contact (hack 101 at聽 tutanota dot com )聽i lost 65,000 via btc 聽of my investment one year ago and i was able to recover all my investment..


9 months ago

hello kauser and other victims of big fraud boss capital.they are unregulated and work overseas.
details in bio and i would refer you to how to get your refund.
do not suffer in silence.act now


1 year ago

They keep asking you for more funds even when you are unable to get back your funds. I invested a huge amount but i was not allowed to make withdrawal. For five months. I was only able to recover my money through the help of [ john.gleason {at} P R EM I U M R EC O VE RY I NC . C O M] . It is important that we join hands with the recovery firm that has launched a class action against Bosscapital. It is unregulated and a lot more people are getting scammed by them by the day.


1 year ago

Trading binary options is quite absolute therefore recovering funds could be a huge task that can be resolved only by specialists. After loosing investments worth over 鈧?3,000 , I sought for answers for the sake of sanity and finally got a hold on Micheal Norman's recovery services and within a very short period of time, I was able to recover a very reasonable percentage of my lost funds. I therefore recommend them.Reach out Via Contact @michealnormanrecserv. net


1 year ago

If you are thinking about investing in binary options then DON鈥橳 , if you have already done that and have lost money , also if you have lost your bitcoins it just might not be too late for you. I did the same and lost all my money, fortunately i was able to retrieve all my funds back through ying yue 8228 AT gmail If you have any questions you can contact them to give you more information on what you need to do. Thank me later.


1 year ago

Fraud company take your money, force you to put more and more money in and no returns. I lost 15K GBP


1 year ago

I was lured by BossCapital to invest with them after they told me that Richard Branson was a major investor in the company, I invested a fortune and they suddenly became unreachable, I got more scammed by these online brokers who promised to help me recover my lost funds. I later found a broker who helped me recover all my lost money and he was quite fast and transparent too. You can contact me at stanleyjeff574 at gmaiI d0t c0m, so I can put you through.


1 year ago

100% fake and fraud company never trust they are cheater and lier only deposit no withdraw. report them to if you want your funds to be recovered in any part of the world you are once you've been defrauded by them.


4 years ago

It was brought to my attention that two of Boss's Senior Brokers were paid thousands of pounds in severance pay … Call it shut your mouth money …
Call it You're fired money .. But don't tell anyone why !!!
All I know is that these brokers and others knew how Boss was manipulating expiry date , changing times and fiddling with the platforms they were using .
Boss had also been getting their brokers to 'spread bet' and give us smaller 'non corporate' investors no show of ever winning .
The initial bonus was usually always paid out on a lost trade ….I was told this was a planned ploy of the company and was encouraged by the Boss Managers .
I was certainly taken in by it all and my sweet talking risk aversion specialist .
After depositing well over 拢12k and being told it's all ok … ' because I need to give you 拢14000 of my own money … I wondered why 拢19000 was put into my account .
I asked accounts and my broker where this money came from … I was told it was a gesture of goodwill .
Little did I know that it was a 拢570,000 hole that I had no idea how to get out of .. I found this out after they squeezed a further 拢10k approx from me .
I was led to believe that these losses were part and parcel of the shared trading done on my brokers advice and not the trades I made personally .
Sheer scam power ..
Real money put in
Only to have it swallowed up by their bull$#*! agreement schemes .
If you are a first timer DONT TOUCH BOSS
They do not educate learner traders and they coerce pensioners to fall prey to their evil money hungry ways

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