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8 months ago

Their pre-owned sale bags is fake. I purchased the Louis Vuitton Favorite from them and it is absolutely fake. Compared it from my original LV product in the same print and it is completely different, the texture, the smell, the quality of the bag.

I am hoping i could get a refund, I paid them using remittance.


8 months ago

SCAMMERS! BUYERS BEWARE OF "PRE-OWNED SALE". They are selling COUNTERFEIT products and listing them as 'authentic'. Each listing only has one photo and the rest of the photos are taken directly from the designer boutique website. Once a bag is purchased, the listing goes back online, selling the same bag picture to different people. A Chanel bag received had THE WORST serial sticker inside and an authenticator deemed it as FAKE. I was lucky enough to receive my money back as I paid via PayPal. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!! It is absolutely disgusting that they are selling inauthentic bags to their target market of young girls who do not know better.
The biggest giveaway is their 'Mini Lady Dior Bag' listed on their pre-owned page, this one is obviously fake because the real mini lady dior DOES NOT have 'Christian Dior PARIS' on the leather tag.
People have commented on their Instagram page, however they are constantly deleting these comments so they can scam more people.

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Myself and a few others have been majorly scammed. Hoping this review stops other people from being scammed out of major $$ like me!

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