Bossmanssweets Reviews - Bossmanssweets Scam or Legit


3 months ago

So my daughter placed an order for the 拢15 starter mix as a gift for her friend who adores America sweets n treats. What an utter disappointment. I wouldn鈥檛 have come on social media to complain but this company has left no choice as they have not replied back to my daughter via text after she messaged them. So this really big box arrived, as I received it, I could hear everything inside rattling and swaying which ever way the box was held. As I opened it I was shocked to see that in such a massive box was just a few sweets n chocolate and 2 cans of drink and a crisp bag. Now the content was not the problem, the issue was everything was put in suck a huge box and with every movement made during delivery, the cans had smashed the chocolate bars to pieces and made a punching bag out of the crisp bag馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔?I would appreciate if the company would reply back to my daughter as clearly this just demonstrates that your happy to take peoples money but no regards to service or products delivered.

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