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Website: Paludan M眉llers vej 40B Aarhus N 8200 Denmark

5 months ago

Honestly the worst customer services I have ever received.

I signed up for the 3 month package (425 SEK). The site does nothing but direct you to other sites, where you need a personnummer (and sometimes need to pay another subscription fee). It was never stated anywhere in the registration progress that I would need a personnummer to use the sites you directed me to. As I was not yet living in Sweden I did have one.

A month later I cancelled my subscription. Then, two months after that, I got charged AGAIN. I sent an email to them, explaining everything and asking to be reimbursed, at least for the second charge as I had already cancelled the subscription.

The answer I got was ridiculous, basically accusing me of lying.

In sum: perfectly useless site and horribly expensive as it only directs you to other sites where you need a new subscription. I was charged again after having cancelled my subscription and they refuse to reimburse me.


6 months ago

If possible, of course I would rate BostadsPortal with ZERO stars. An obvious scam to avoid at all costs.

I paid the initial minimum subscription fee. I was unable to log in for the first four days. Once in I was directed to only more sites, where more subscription fees were requested.

I obtained no pertinent apartment rental information, rather just an onslaught of the same bogus, repetitive email with 4 or 5 of the exact same listings, over and over and over

…..then BostadsPortal charged me another 298:- SEK after ONE WEEK /not 30 days…..

I鈥檝e had to cancel my card now, to prevent them from further access.


(do not believe a word they have written in response, they do not have a contact phone number for a reason…… because it鈥檚 a total scam)


7 months ago

A scam where they take your money and send you to a site where you end up in a line of many hundreds before you. Expensive!!!


9 months ago

Time saving, as ads from different portals are cumulated there. Assume even in real time. Client service responds very fast, do take care of you as a client when question arises and in my case there was even a follow up. After few weeks can say that team behind portal does love their product, do care about it and value you as customer. You can trust them. For those who think if it's worth to pay for longer time than trial days – suggest to try, as time you spend running via 10+ portals is time consuming, especially for foreigner trying to find accomodation that would fit needs and budget.


1 year ago

Use other services instead, free and equaliy good. It so overpriced. Sorry for not Being able to specify the Services I think are similar as this post Will in that case be taken down by


3 years ago

I bought a 5 day subscribtion, but they took for a whole month a few days later. I did not at any point give my consent to this company that they could take more money from me, than for that one time transaction.

The ads on this website seems fake, and I regret I gave them my credicard information.

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