Boston Bit Fest Reviews - Boston Bit Fest Scam or Legit

Website: 87 Santilli Hwy Everett 02149 United States

5 years ago

Let's look at the facts here. The ability to unlimited plays of a bunch of vintage consoles, coin-ops & even a Nintendo Virtual Boy for $5.00? Through that all in one of the coolest tap rooms, Nightshift, in the Metro Boston area & you have the recipe for a real good time. We opted to go on Thursday night to avoid the crowds & the wait was only 15 minutes or so. Once me & my partner in crime had a good sampling via a tasty beer flight then a full pour plus some snacks, we set off to be transported in time. We handed our delightful host our five dollars. A small blue wristband allowed us to be young boys again. Street Fighter 2, Dig Dug, Total Carnage, Soul Caliber & many more lit up out eyes. I first thought the 5 coin-ops were our only option until we discovered all the consoles we dreamed of sitting in the brewery & then a whole other room filled with most of the coin-ops I spent my parents money on in grammar school.
These guys have the makings of a great festival on their hands. The organizers had a petition to bring an adult arcade to the Central Square area of Cambridge but it you had to be a resident of Cambridge to sign. Hope they get this off the ground. I eagerly await to return to this next year & to be young again. Nice job.

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