BostonJobSite Reviews - BostonJobSite Scam or Legit

Website: 1060 1st Avenue King of Prussia 19406 United States

7 years ago

Everytime I click on a job board posting that redirects me to Experteer I get so disappointed and frustrated because it simply dumps you at the top of the entire list of job postings at Experteer. Then, if you want to continue to look for the "Specialty District Manager Diabetes" job you literally have to scroll and scan every item in all of Experteer. This can't be the way wants job seekers to spend their time.


7 years ago

Seems kind of scammy. They email you relentlessly until you unsubscribe, even though I never subscribed in the first place. They try to get as much info from you as possible and if you get to the jobs section it just seems like a scraping from recruitment/head hunting sites.

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