Reviews - Scam or Legit


7 months ago

Buyer beware. This company does not care about their repeat customers. I have 10-15 hats from this company. I buy a new one, throw it on my wall and get around to wearing it eventually. After tons of loyalty (buying for myself, receiving as a gift from others), I had one manufacturing quality issue with a hat. It could have been easily resolved with a phone call, a credit, or really any type of indication from Boston Scally that they care about their product and the fact that I have $600+ of their inventory in my possession. Instead, the person at Boston Scally refused to help, leaning on their deficient return policy (30 days for a manufacturing quality issue, come on now) and refusing even to help look up my order number. The person seemed very dismissive and uninterested in my ongoing business, so I shall spend my money elsewhere and work hard to inform other potential customers of Boston Scally's treatment of loyal customers.

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