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8 months ago

All thanks to Mrs Elizabeth I got my lost funds back


1 year ago

Stay Away from these guys. They are Total Scammers. They scammed me for over $6000.

I initially invested a total of $4270. The investment went up after reinvestment to $11,175. After That I wanted to withdraw the initial money of $4270. When I tried to withdraw, they said I have to recommit 50% to get money out. I did that after getting some money and paid them $2135. When I did that, they said I should get my withdrawal money within 24hrs. 15hrs later, they said I need to pay a penalty of $600 for late recommitment to get my withdrawal. I told them I will not be paying any more money because I didn鈥檛 have any. I told them to take the $600 out of my $4270 deposit. They refused. I know where they were going with this. If I had paid another $600, they would have asked for more and more or shut my account down.

If you look at their website, it shows deposits and withdrawal. They only pay out small amount so people come back and invest more. All the big withdrawals are done by their own agents and manager making it look as though it鈥檚 legit. The agents on chat will give you their personal whatsapp number to get to know you and part with more money. They will msg you every day pretending they are your friend. I got sucked in, paid $4270 initially and then persuaded again to pay $2000+ recommit fee. It鈥檚 a classic scam. They area all in it together. The founders shown on the website 鈥淎bout Us鈥?page are all scammers. They do not exist. They have taken people鈥檚 pictures from the Internet and just put them on their website. Do not get sucked in by agents. These are Professional Scammers. I will do all I can to get them shutdown, reported and brought to justice.

Stay Away from bot-income


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