BOT Reviews - BOT Scam or Legit


1 year ago

ToS is very unclear and the support is tragic, since there is only one person, who can control bots and it's the owner, who is afk 6 days per week. I used their bot few times during a period of a year and suddenly got 3rd party ban (, after which, I thought I could get my bot's inventory back, because items in it weren't scammed. But I needed to write hundreds of messages to get a simple answer and the owner said I could have my items back eventually, however he kept ignoring me and now after 90 days passed, by their ToS he can keep my items as his own, which is absurd. Feel scammed, so anyone, who doesn't like risks or have big inventories and don't want to lose them – I don't recommend using this service!


2 years ago

Everything is correct and respond to what we are supposed to get.
Also support is really responsive, but sometimes takes up to 3 days to answer. If you are expecting a goodwill from the vendor, don't even think about it.

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