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1 year ago

Recently purchased some first aid supplies for my trips to the range. Thought it would be a good idea to have some serious supplies incase of an accident. I ordered three CELOX Granules with Applicator and one QuickClot clotting sponge.
I made the mistake of not checking everything when it arrived. Now a month later I realize that the celox is is only 5 months from expiration (not the standard 3 years you get with new fresh product) and the QuiClot is 4 (FOUR ) years out of date. I will never do business with this outfit again. Would not be able to trust any thing they say or do or sell.


2 years ago

great prices! Just hope you never have to deal w/ their customer service and pay via trusted credit card, say "paypal", buyers protection, I have heard horror stories w time to get your refund back, I had to return an item, but paypal had our backs, so my refund was not a problem at all, so why take a chance! they trully have THE worst customer service!


3 years ago

Great prices customer services could be a little more polite. Other than that have purchased several thousands with this company never had toreturn.


8 years ago

Bought many a pair of boots from this site. Always shipped promptly! The storefront is a bit clunky, but I've not had a problem with them for 6 years.

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