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7 months ago

First time 20 units for "11's", injected by my trusted and highly qualified dermatologist. The day after the injections, I had a sudden onset of extreme nausea. During the following month (3-6 weeks after injections), I experienced dizziness, vertigo, headaches and nausea. Week 5, my left arm went completely numb for several hours, and my headaches started to feel really unusual, like a pressure behind my eyes. Week 6, my headaches got worse and I started to develop a slew of other symptoms – a neck pain that radiated up and around my neck in waves, a continuous dull headache, along with waves of head pain and an intense pressure that radiated up the sides and around the front part of my head, plugged ears and ear/jaw pain. On and off pain/weakness in my legs, on and off tingling in my left arm, trouble swallowing, tinnitus. I have had blood tests, CT scan and MRI, all tests came back normal. The symptoms settled down about 4 months after injections. Currently, at 1 year out, still dealing with milder symptoms: daily head pressure, nausea, trouble swallowing, arm and leg aching/restlessness. I am not alone, I belong to a Facebook Botox side effects group with close to 7000 members, and many similar experiences (many way worse). This has been hell, don't do it!


9 years ago

LOVE BOTOX!!!! What people don't tell you is that by using it you can PREVENT wrinkles from ever forming. I started using it when I was 25 and will continue to use it forever so I never have a wrinkle. Botox is not cheap but very worth it. More important IMO than a hair cut. I dropped how much I was paying my hair stylist and now just pay my nurse instead.


9 years ago

8 year old girls are now injecting botox…this is wrong…botox should not allow this


13 years ago

Botox and wrinkle reduction – Many people are learning about what is now called the liquid facelift. Basically it is a combination of injectables such as botox that can help our patients look years younger by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. And, the best part is that the results are temporary, so if you are not completely satisfied with the results it just wears off in about 3 months. The results are definitely dependent upon the injector so you want to make sure you find someone who has had plenty of experience.

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