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9 months ago

Stay clear of this store. Worst customer service I have ever had. I only ordered bottles that were available for shipping. It took them nearly a month to send my order and it arrived without two bottles. After asking them about the missing bottles, they only partially refunded me. Their explanation was that they had switched bigger and more expensive bottles instead of the ones I ordered. They never asked if I was willing to pay for the bigger bottles they just kept my money.

Update 2.10.2020 after shop answer: It is nice to see that the shop takes time to read reviews and I do hope that they will learn something here. I must say that everything stated in the answer is wrong. My original order was 13 bottles not 18, I did not ask any refund of delivery costs only the refund of the missing bottles and I only got partial refund of the bottles with the specific explanation that the shop kept part of my money because larger bottles were sent. After my inquiries I even got a specific calculation where the shop showed the difference between the original ordered bottle and bigger bottle prices and based on that they only gave partial refund. It really amazes me that after all this they still have the guts to try and make this thing look somehow as if this review is not acccurate. Please just admit your mistakes, learn from them and try to serve your customers better in the future.


2 years ago

I recently received an order that I placed with the company. First of all delivery time was very slow and one of the bottles I was sent was incorrect. I contacted them and they tried to tell me that this was the new style product which was certainly not true and that no other product was available. I contacted them again with pictures of the 2 separate products in which they replayed to me the same message. There bottle I was sent was an inferior product and while only 30euro in the difference it is the fact of not admitting mistake that annoys me the most.


2 years ago

Great delivery and top prices. Thanks a lot.


3 years ago

Kann man Bottleanddrinks vertrauen…?
Ordered 8 bottles on November 28. The money was withdrawn from my account the very same day. 14 days later nothing had happened and I e-mailed for a delivery date, as they hadn't metioned any. Only then I got a tracking ID-number.
It turned out that one of the 8 bottles wasn't avaliable, but no notice, no e-mail, no nothing. Only a handwritten "erstatte" hardly recognicible on the waybill. Another e-mail to bottle&drinks: When will I get my refund? Now they blaim Paypal and X-mas though they have known for 4 weeks that they could not deliver.
It took only hours to take my money but after 4 weeks I still haven't got my money back.


4 years ago

Good prices, fast shipping, everything as expected. Excellent overall!

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