BouklisGroup Reviews - BouklisGroup Scam or Legit

Website: 65 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, 10006
(212) 402-7855

1 month ago

it is cool for me


5 years ago

Stay away from these people! They trick you and try to steal your money! They never helped me find a place and the broker I met with was really lazy. Didn't do a great job and tried to sell me the $#*!tiest apartments. A couple weeks later they slapped me with a lawsuit…..This is the only way they can try and make money since there's so much competition for them. They lied to me countless times and never explained to me what I signed when I asked. They never gave me a copy of it either. I asked the receptionist why they didn't give me a copy when legally they're supposed to and she said that they don't always have to. What a bull$#*! lie and excuse. Horrible receptionist. Honestly, do yourself a favor and don't work with these people. There are other agencies with the same exact listings. Don't waste your time.

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