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8 months ago

Worst experience I have had with a company. Expect minimum of 7 days for Bounce to respond to an email… but thats after you call and email reminders. Then after 2 months of wasting my time they emailed me stating they made a new policy and can no longer work on my file. Honestly, I do not think they did anything over the entire 2 months. I was not charged anything. Only thing I lost was 2 months. I told my contact at Bounce that they are dealing with serious private information… and to have such high neglect in communication is very scary. I would advise to find a different credit or identity company.


10 months ago

Bounce ID Customer service is amazing there deletions speaks for itself ,if you are looking to get rid of adverse accounts you have arrived馃槑

A big Shout out to Ken.


10 months ago

Bounce ID is amazing. I have sent several clients to them. They have removed almost all of the disputed items including a bankruptcy. They work far more quickly than any other credit repair service I've researched and what's more is they don't charge unless or until the the item is removed.

If you're looking for a cheap price, you may need to look elsewhere. But if you're looking to get your items removed quickly, and a company you can depend on who WILL NOT CHARGE YOU if they are unable to remove the items, look no further.

To be clear, my business partner and I have sent them a large number of credit files, thus far they have been able to remove 98% of the items, including a bankruptcy. I have not found another credit repair company that even comes close to what BounceID is able to do, in the time they are able to do it. I believe they may be the fastest in the industry. Lastly, they are great to deal with, every time I talk to Ken it's like connecting with an old friend, even from the first time we spoke. These guys get my highest recommendation.

-Nicole Marchand


1 year ago

I would like to start by saying bounce ID definitely delivered above and beyond my expectations. Due to unfortunate circumstances I was left with the decision to voluntarily surrender a vehicle in 2013 after moving to Paris France. I went back-and-forth with the financial leasing company to no avail even with proper documentation and reports as proof of the circumstances that were occurring (theft of my vehicle).

After moving back to the United States I tried to lease a car and was unable to do so due to the voluntary being on my credit report. Prior to this incident my credit score was a 765.

This ultimately lead to me having to purchase each vehicle in cash totaling close to 3/4 of $1 million if not more.

Years later I tried to purchase a car that was valued at $50,000 and to no surprise was still denied for the loan even after the above. This was infuriating.

Finally my dealership of choice Newport Automotive group referred me to Ken at BounceId suggested that he would be able to help. Ken followed up the following day to give me a general idea of the process as well as the cost associated. They could have honestly told me it would cost any price and I would鈥檝e paid. The initial estimate was around $5000 with an estimated completion time of 30 days.

Within the first week and a half I received the first notification that one of the bureaus had completely removed the voluntary within an additional week I received final confirmation that all three credit bureau鈥榮 had removed the voluntary. Biggest bonus was the total cost totaling only $1600 and not the original $5000 quoted during the consultation call.

Who knew $1600 could鈥檝e potential he save me hundreds of thousands had I known. Now my credit score is back to 750 and I have referred Ken services to at least five family members and colleagues.


1 year ago

I was only aware of this service because of a close friend having had work done for them in the past. Due to someone getting a hold of her credit card, my wife's AMEX was maxed out and we had to close it. AMEX refused to help us and we were soooo close to filing bankruptcy because it was wrecking our credit. My friend assured me they were the most trustworthy business out there that did credit and identity restoration.

Luckily, Bounce ID came to the rescue and got rid of the AMEX without us resorting to bankruptcy. I guess it's not what you know, it's who you know and these people are people that will help you too!


1 year ago

Bounce ID has helped me restore my life! They are fast and efficient and super knowledgeable about credit! I highly recommend this small business! You can text them too which makes it easier.


1 year ago

Amazing service! I had a delinquent credit account pop up along with an old medical bill which knocked my score down to 650… in less than two weeks, it鈥檚 now back at 800! These guys are fast!

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