Reviews - Scam or Legit


2 years ago

BounceExchange checks to see if you have an adblocker enabled and may cause a pop up requesting you to disable the adblocker ( does this). I trusted bounceexchange in NoScript and the prompt stopped.


6 years ago

When enabled it caused some really sleazy ads to appear. I am blocking the daylights out of this script.


6 years ago

Just when you thought the days of the pop ups were over, here comes Bounce Traffic! I did not appreciate the black ad pop up when attempting to read an article at cnet.


7 years ago

Their own description says it all.. SPAM!

"BounceX has a laser-focus on the 90%-99% of visitors who don鈥檛 convert. We analyze where a visitor is in the engagement funnel, and apply the most effective micro-conversion tactic 鈥?such as getting Bounce Traffic to opt into to your email program."

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