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9 months ago

Greedy, unscrupulous Head Office lets down wonderful Franchisees.
Having been a Bounce enthusiast for a couple of years I was keen to continue trampolining at home when Coronavirus struck, at 拢75 their trampolines seemed a bit expensive so I opted for a cheaper one however it didn鈥檛 feel the same so after several weeks I decided to invest in the brand I know and loved.
I was sad to see that when I decided to buy one, they鈥檇 taken full advantage of the Lockdown and hiked, well doubled, the price up to 拢150. Knowing that they were 鈥榩rofessional鈥?quality I decided I would treat myself. A few days later my friend who lives round the corner rang me to ask if I鈥檇 purchased a Bounce trampoline as an unlabelled one had been left on her doorstep (completely the wrong road) by the way – this delivery service will now cost you an extra 拢25, making their trampolines exactly 拢100 more than the starting price!!
I was so relieved she was able to locate me as the owner so imagine my disappointment when I opened the box and realised that every single leg was rusted. Looking at their Facebook page, I鈥檓 not the only one and according to their own admission they think this is ok!! Trust pilot doesn鈥檛 have enough character count to post the whole email chain but in short, they firstly said 鈥淲e're sorry to hear about the condition of your trampoline鈥?and then proceeded to say it was normal to be rusty and part of the design!! When I asked then for a replacement they said 鈥淲e can offer you an exchange for another trampoline but as all our trampolines are tested in this way, the leg joints are likely to be the same on another brand new trampoline鈥?and suggested that I could return it at my own expense and 鈥渞eturn the trampoline if you wanted to but unfortunately we cannot pick this up as the trampoline isn't faulty in itself.鈥?(despite previously agreeing the condition was something to apologise about!!)

The fact that they think it's ok to send out rusty products and charge people 拢150 (now 拢175!!!)
is beyond belief. They were obviously making a profit when they were delivering them at 拢75 so now they鈥檙e just cashing in on everyone being stuck at home.

It鈥檚 not just their trampolines that are a rip off. Their online workouts are basically repeat after repeat 鈥?you can pay 拢4.95 each time for the privilege of being restricted to Bouncing at set times, you can鈥檛 even really start late because they take the video offline very soon after the end time, you can鈥檛 even Bounce when it is convenient for you in your own home. They organised a Bounce 鈥榤arathon鈥?in aid of the NHS which was yet again just them pressing repeat on the videos 鈥?they couldn鈥檛 even be bothered to record a nice message for the NHS workers or demonstrate any sort of heart or compassion, fair enough they were able to donate thousands of pounds but it鈥檚 really a drop in the ocean for a company of this scale and lets face it, PR for them. Luckily I have found another app where you pay just 拢3 a month and have access to trampoline workouts at whatever time of day you like! I honestly don鈥檛 know how they can justify 拢4.95 for a repeat when you can鈥檛 even watch it at any time of day – the real life classes are only 拢2 more and you get the benefit of being able to see lovely, cheerful instructors with a nice group of people. I鈥檓 so annoyed Head Office has soured something I really loved.

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