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2 months ago

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5 months ago

Our corporation purchased multiple services from ekalavya hansaj of which we retain all the receipts, the conversations and everything else. He has defrauded our company of over $100k to date and time and time again made false promises to refund our money in full just to gain time. Not only that, the 'services' being sold are non-existent as confirmed by the news/media publications themselves, of which we again retain all confirmations of their response via email (And they want to now unearth the identity of the person selling these 'services' using their name) but he has also been consistently offering us other fraudulent, non-existing services to get more money. We will also be contacting every single publication he ever wrote for with all the evidence and make sure he never gets to write for anyone else ever again as well as making sure prominent publications join in for the litigation process along with us and seek damages.

We've now in the process of involving internet crime complaint federal bureau of investigation, the united states attorney general, the publications, indian consumer affairs, indian cyber crime wing, all us and indian authorities along with filing complaints with his police station in his local jurisdiction as well. We have now also decided to involve interpol into this matter since there are multiple counts of wire fraud, mail fraud and communication fraud involved, all with every bit of intention. We've 13 pages of exhibit evidence gathered against him as we speak. We are also proceeding with criminal charges against him in the court of law, both, in the united states and in addition to the lawsuit in united states, we are also in talks to engage the most high profile lawyer in india to deal with that jurisdiction separately. To date, he has lied about every single thing. We welcome any other person he has duped previously or recently to come forward and contact us, we will be happy to fund and include all of you in a separate class-action lawsuit as well against him and make sure he never gets to see the sun again and all his assets, bank accounts and anything else is frozen and all the money recovered from that is dispatched to us and all the other victims of his fraudulent schemes.

He is also involved in sending bogus receipts and confirmations/screenshots from these publications and other places as well as sending bogus receipts of bogus wire transfers that were never made. We also are in touch with transferwise and they have confirmed the same, we are also in touch with all the financial services he currently uses and this is a whole separate additional case of cheque/wire fraud and embezzlement.

We also urge consumer affairs to take this matter seriously and escalate this locally and we invite them to contact us for us to put them in touch with our legal team and provide further evidence and assistance should they need any.

We are also aware his whole career is based on defrauding people and our legal team is looking into that matter separately. He has lied to us from day 1 saying he is based in san francisco when he is actually based in india and resides there. He thinks we don't know all that but we know way more than he can ever possibly think of. His days of defrauding people are over and we will be pursuing every single penny and pursuing this matter to the fullest extent of law along with every law enforcement involved in this case.

Kindly come forward and contact us here immediately with your emails and we will cc you with our lawyers to take this further effective immediately and put this guy and absolutely anyone else involved with him behind bars for a very long time in addition to recovering all the money immediately in a separate class action lawsuit in addition to our case.

For everyone else trying to contact us via other channels, please make sure to message us with your story and complaints along with evidence. We've already engaged a very high-profile attorney in multiple jurisdictions to pursue an indictment against him ASAP and are currently working on a seizure order. We are also going to be throwing his family in the mix as we've been told by some people his family is involved too. This guy is going to be imprisoned for life and be held accountable for every penny he has stolen, that's our promise to everyone messaging and contacting us.

Please keep coming forward ASAP.

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