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2 years ago

I ordered a pair of boots with a drawing of a cat on it from the Boundless Shop on line for my daughter as a present. I had to pay for shipping. The shipping company the Boundless Shop used is DHL. When I received automated calls from DHL that I had to make a payment of $25.40 before they would deliver my boots, I was confused and furious. I had already paid for shipping. I called DHL and was told that these were EXTRA costs they imposed. They dropped of and invoice and low and behold they were charging me for Duty of $4.36 and the rest was for Processing fee and Transaction fee. I was extremely angry that they could just make up nonsense fees and hold my boots ransom. I told them that I would pay the $4.36 but that they would have to charge the Boundless Shop for the nonsense fees as I paid for my boots and for the shipping and expected the product to be delivered to my door. I have ordered many items that were shipped to me from all over the world and I have never had to pay any extra fees or duty. The items were always just deliverd to me. I amede several calls to DHL to try and have my boots delivered and was always treated very rudly without getting any results. I received an email from the Boundless Shop that DHL had tried to deliver the boots but that no one was home… My son and I are disabled and there is always someone home so that is a lie. DHL never tried to deliver the boots as they flat out refused to deliver them without me paying the $25.40 in extortion fees. The purchase of the boots was a hardship and since I am on a disability income I simply don't have $25.40 to give away. I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about DHL but since they were under contract of the Boundless Shop the BBB told me they could not help me and I have to contact the Boundless Shop about not receiving the boots and needing a full refund. I have emailed the Boundless Shop NUMEROUS times and they are blaming me and DHL. At first they told me to WAIT until the boots were returned to the warehouse. I waited and waited and was told it takes time. Then I was told that DHL DESTROID the boots!!! Customer service at the Boundless Shop told me then they would send me a new pair of boots but it would be the same DHL problem so I asked for a full refund. After several emails back and forth they offered a refund at 40%… I emailed them back and told them that if they thought of themselfs as a REPUTABLE company they would give me a full refund. Paypal has also emailed the Boundless Shop on my behalf in the beginning of this saga and asked them to provide me with a full refund. They never responded to this email. I have paid $83.91 USD for a pair of boots that I never received and expect a full refund from the Boundless Shop or else they are nothing less but rip-off artists in co-hoots with disreputable shippers.

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