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5 months ago

My boyfriend went for date night and the lady who checked us in was rude and was talking so quietly we couldn't hear her. It took me 15 minutes standing at the bar to get 2 bottled beers and when we left the tab for 2 people ended up being over $60 dollars! Both my boyfriend and I wanted to see the receipt and were baffled at how bad the service was and how expensive it was. We read the horrible reviews from previous customers and gave them the benefit of the doubt but we definitely shouldn't have and you shouldn't either!


1 year ago

Don't be fooled by this bowling place Groupon deal !!! My husband purchased the groupon deal for bowling for 4 people for 2 hours for my daughters and their friends. We went to the Bowlero yesterday at 5:30pm and there was plenty of bowling lanes open and when we approached the counter we were first told there was a little wait and I advised them that we had Groupon deal for bowling for 2 hours. Once I did that, the employee's attitude changed and they came extremely unprofessional. Then another employee rudely intervened in our conversation and informs me that their is additional wait for people that are using Groupon deals, and that we would have to wait for the league to be done with their game. He repeatedly told me we would have to wait till after the league with an arrogant attitude for no reasons and I had to stop the man and asked exactly how long do I have wait?? He then tells me he doesn't know how long the league will play for and it can be hours- maybe 2-3 hours. I had 4 kids under the age of 10 looking forward to play bowling and there was plenty of other bowling lanes open for them to play. The place wasn't packed and they were discriminating against customers who purchased Groupon deals. This establishment shouldn't be able to promote their business on Groupon and not honor their deals when customers go to use them. This place is a disgrace for a business and is beyond unprofessional. We took our business to SpareZ and the kids had a great time there yesterday!


2 years ago

Upon ordering food, my mom asked to have the chicken sandwich. Her request was met with the waiter's reply: "you don't want that. it's not a good sandwich." She looked for something else on the menu and asked if it was good and he said yes. He then asked "have you ever been to village in," to which my mom said "uh no." Then he said "what kind of old person hasn't been to village inn?!" My mom said "oh I'm old?" And he responded with a shrug. (It is important to include that my mom looks young for being in her early 50's.) After that awkward start, we were missing multiple items from our order (granted it was a party of nine people) and my autism-spectrum cousin was denied a straw by the waiter. The evening was only somewhat recovered by the good company of my family. However, one has to have excellent hearing and a good pair of lungs to converse over the volume of the horrid music. Believe it or not, but not everyone likes it when you can feel the bass through the floor. I will not be returning.


3 years ago

Bartender was making rude and inappropriate comments to me, I am transgender, he would not let me or my girlfriend get any more drinks after we had two and made him keep getting us ones we PAY for.


3 years ago

Don't buy the Summer Pass. It may be inexpensive to buy but getting a lane to bowl is almost impossible. The company is all about profits.

The day I went there the place was packed with lots of people for a 40 lane bowling alley. On top of that, as I made my way to the front desk to reserve a lane, I overhead a conversation there that the people ahead of me were 10th on a wait list and it was already 6:30 PM. This is the only time I can get to the bowling alley as I have work up to that time. As per the agreement for the Summer Pass, it is only good until 8:00 PM. When I got to the front desk, the people there told me that they have 2 events going on and they have not even started. I drove a long distance to bowl only to be denied and the best they can offer is a wait list with no guarantees that I will be able to bowl that day? I don't think so.

They may have ample parking and an arcade for the kids but their attitude about loyalty and customer service stinks. Let the people with the pass who will probably be a regular customer there have the priority to bowl, not the people in events who have more money and more than likely will not come back for continual return visit. Reserve some lanes for your loyal customers with the Summer Pass. This is the Disneyland of bowling alleys. Don't get a loan in order to enjoy yourselves. This only goes to show you that this place is all about profits and not customer service. Tell your company of the bad experience you have had here as an individual and tell them not to patronize this location unless your company wants to lose more money by going here.

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