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1 year ago

After been terribly scammed by Bullwin, I have decided to gather folks who are in the-same position to file a joint action/complaint against Bullwin in the hope to recover the invested funds.


1 year ago

I have been very badly scammed by Bullwins, they have taken all my money with the promise that it would increase. Admittedly it did for a while then I was told I had to pay 拢50,000 tax, using a letter supposedly from the Us Tax authorities, this was supposed to be refunded on 20th December 2018, didn鈥檛 happen and the money on my deposit account has not been repaid despite several unanswered emails. Can all those scammed join together to fight to get our money back? More of us are better than one voice!


2 years ago

I set this account up to make money, they were quick enough to take my money and promised that I would make a profit. At first the contact between myself and my account manager was fantastic then it stopped.

I have emailed my account manager numerous times over the last 4 months and have had nothing back!!!
I鈥檝e even emailed the support team and have still heard nothing back!!!

I was told that the could be making a profit of around 3k a day, and to this date I haven鈥檛 made a thing. I鈥檝e been cheated out of my money.

If it was true in what they where saying and advertising I鈥檇 be at lest 240k better off. But instead I鈥檓 not any better off than what I was when I set it up.

I was also told I would have regular contact and only to deal with bullwins. I would trust them and suggest you don鈥檛 either.

So now I guess the only thing for it is the sort of legal advice, and see what I can do with regards to claiming monies back. I鈥檓 also sure this is a criminal offence of obtaining funds through deception.


2 years ago

Its a scam!!
Ethan & Melissa provide you with lies in order to take your money. Then they make out your account is doing well but when you want to withdraw your funds the company wont pay out. Also Melissa & Ethan try to take more money from you without consent!!
Its a total scam which I have reported to both my bank & police.


2 years ago

The people who are putting high stars against this company must work for the company. THIS IS A SCAM – DO NOT INVEST!! We have been scammed over 拢10,000. They download an App on your phone or PC to access your bank details. DO NOT TRUST THEM. To devastate the situation even more, they then pass your details on to a "so called" recovery company who then go on to take everything you have left.


2 years ago

Bullwins can highly be recommended!


2 years ago

Trading : Good
Costumer Service : Great
Withdraws : Good .
Well deserved 5 star review


2 years ago

I wish I had known about Bullwins before. I ended up investing my money some time back in this trading platform known as the BeeOptions trading portal. I lost all my invested money into the same. Then, one of my friends suggested looking into Bullwins, since he was trading with them. I started doing the same, and believe me, I have never felt so confident about trading before.


2 years ago

I personally have been working with the Company for more than 4 months, nothing short but happy.

I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Harrison and have done multiple withdrawals without any issues.

Brought my friends and family and they had the same experience.

I would suggest BULLWINS 10/10 to anyone.


2 years ago

Melissa Harrison (so called senior broker) contacted me from Bullwins and I made an initial investment of $100. I could see (or I thought I could see) on the Bullwins website that she had doubled the investment through small trades to $217. She then wanted a big investment of $10000 but I said I wanted out and wanted to withdraw.

She persuaded me to download an app called teamviewer which allowed her to control my phone and got me to sign up with Coinbase. She then over the course of a few weeks made 10 transactions of between 拢200 and 拢1000 totalling 拢6000 by purchasing bitcoin using my debit card and then sending the amounts god knows where. At first I could see the Bullwins account rising so stupidly assumed the money was in a holding account. It wasn鈥檛. Melissa rang me to say a fellow employee called Kai at Bullwins has been suspended as he had channelled mine and another clients funds into his account. Total rubbish.

Tried a recovery fund called wealthchargeback who also scammed me 拢3.5k after promising me they鈥檇 hacked into Bullwins servers.

Was then contacted by a so called Dionne Collins from a Coventry number that you can鈥檛 call back. He said he would file a law suit and get the money back but wanted an initial 拢600 investment to do this which he did via teamviewer. Another scam.

I鈥檝e been completely naive & my bank account has been completely wiped out. There is some total scum out there. Beware Bullwins it鈥檚 bull***t!


2 years ago

Calls you everyday to convince to create an account with them. When they get your deposit simply disappear!!! Contact your banks and CoinBase, Coinfy accounts to help and report them to the police, hope they catch this gang soon.
On their website they said they are run by REDTULIPS CONSULTANTS LTD but this company was dissolved in 2016.
LIARS!! I have all proofs and sent to the police already!


2 years ago

Melissa Harrison is my manager l have not heard from her in 4 weeks when i said i would take my money out.
She told me it will take 3 weeks as we would take the long way round.
Still no money yet. l have sent lots of emails but no return from anyone
I am fed up with this all the time I had the same with another investment
do not bother with them keep your money


2 years ago

First of all , I got no contact from anyone after I Invested … I had suspicious thoughts to the company , They have an Office in New York , Coventry and London … I have been to one of their offices and got everything sorted and explained

The thing is that they are dealing with non qualified ,non experienced clients , which they are working their a** off and having too much problems with the clients for their different requests , that's why I had my account into a delay

People you can't just do whatever it's needed for you , as an Experienced Investor that have been investing with BlackRock The Vanguard Group etc… other companies , you have to be patient … get the end results , keep working , you can't just start and the next day to cancel the account because you changed your mind , the unprofessional clients are a headache I can't imagine the frustration of non experienced clients working with experienced Financial Advisers

People my suggestion is to read a little bit on the information's of what a Financial Adviser is and then you start working with one.

been working for 7 months now , I'm more happy than my expectations , my adviser said to wait … until you can have enough profit to withdraw without affecting the balance for future investments and that's what I did , I can't mention the profit % but i'm very happy , if you need to ask me for suggestions let me know , I'll contact you


2 years ago

Just got scammed – Bullwins (Robert Nielsen) called and presented themselves as Coinify and got me to deposit a small amount.
Melissa C. Harrison (Senior broker) then called me to talk about trading – I could hear that she didn't know anything about trading, and asked if she knows what CCI was…….. No answer…….. well every trader knows what CCI is, so don't trust any work from any of them.
Melissa also told me that the company is 7 years old – what a lie, it is 4 months old.
Minimum withdrawal = 250 mBTC…………
No regulation……….

STAY AWAY from this scam company.


2 years ago

I wanted to withdraw my money and no one got back to me despite of sending endless emails to them. Even to my Senior financial adviser Andrea Jorge and Thomas Keegan. It has been 3 weeks that I haven't heard from both of them. Prior to the 3 weeks I wanted to withdraw my money and instead of depositing in my account, they have withdrawn from my account without telling me.
Very bad company. I would advise people not to join this company. No service at all.
Still no funds in my account- 25/10/18


2 years ago

Guys,I am absolutely shocked with Ron skills to be honest with you,he is the best person I have ever met,he is friendly,understandable,clever, makes money for me he even helps me with relationships advice, he gives me life tips of how I can make money and open a business(he is a millionaire tho), I would really suggest you to try this.


2 years ago

I started recently with Bullwins,with a small investment ,It's going a little bit slow but it's going good .I am waiting for the profits to increase faster in the future .

I haven't made a withdraw yet but the trading is going well


2 years ago

After someone contacting me Senior adviser to start trading with me after clicking on Debora Meadon dragons den link to bitcoins. Everything SEEMED TO BE ABOVE BOARD and going fine till the day they contacted me to say they are no longer going to trade with the UK, and they'll transfer the funds back to my account but then you receive an email asking to pay the tax before they'll release your fund to my reply why can't you take it out of the fund value which isn't possible it has to be paid separately, which I did and yes you guessed it, no transfer was done. The balance in my account disappeared and no one returning any emails and 10days later still no funds have been returned. I would strongly advise not to trade with this company and under no circumstances keep sending funds or if you're already trading with them I would advise you to try and withdraw some funds and see what happens.



We will see every time I update it seems strange another positive review goes up, if this company is not a SCAM then why has my 拢30,000 not been returned to me or anyone contacting me from Bullwins to explain why I havn't received it 拢30,000 is a lot of money. I've sent numerous emails to to customer services NO REPLIES tried the customer service phone number JUST KEEPS RINGING. If this was a genuine company then I would have thought they would have been in contact with me to sort this out, we are not talking about a couple of pounds here. I can't understand these positive reviews it's like two different companies. I was told they were not dealing with the uk anymore so why are the recent positive reviews coming from the uk doesn't make sense to me.


Is Bullwins legit or scam? Can I trust Bullwins?

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