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1 month ago

Walmart recently changed to using CanPar for their online deliveries instead of using Canada Post. I don't know the hiring process of CanPar or the minimum requirements to work there, I can only assume they raided Grey Hound bus shelter benches for applicants.

My postal code begins with the letter M, which tells any delivery company my address is in Toronto, yet CanPar keeps routing my package to Mississauga instead. Mississauga postal codes begin with an L… My street name is Eastmount and by the way I write the unit number and the street address tells the driver / dispatch I am in a multi-unit dwelling.

Now Mississauga also has an Eastmount in their city, but it starts with 1037 and ends in 1089. My building is 33, my unit number is on the 23rd floor. That street in Mississauga which shares the same street name of mine here in Toronto has no 33 or 23xx.. Yet CanPar for weeks kept sending my package there.

The item was a baseboard heater, it arrived smashed to bits. It was worse than Humpty Dumpty having a fall… What fell out of the box would have been equivalent to Humpty Dumpty ended up as sand… Not one piece was identifiable as a heater.

CanPar used 3rd party retailers as their Smart Depots for us to pick-up our parcels. The closest CanPar Smart Depot to me is 3 subway stops away and located in a variety store with ZERO security. My package was sitting on the floor just 3 feet from the door. Anyone could have walked in and walked out with it. Our packages are not behind locked cabinets or behind any counter. They sat in piles all the variety store along side their own stock.


2 months ago

Merchants in Canada or US should NEVER use Canpar courier service! You will lose customers this way, as they do not answer their phones or respond to clients via live chat, and they do not have any viable solutions to help you.

Canpar's delivery people leave packages on front doorsteps and sign on the recipient's behalf classifying it as "delivered". This is fraudulent. They do not ring the recipient's doorbell or give an opportunity to sign. I'm not sure what their screening process is for delivery people, but the bar must be set extremely low.

Furthermore, when you try to call Canpar, they do not answer and you will continually get a busy signal from their 1-800-387-9335 number. If you happen to win the lottery and get through, you can expect to wait a long time. I was on the phone waiting for an agent for over 50 minutes. They keep promoting their live chat tool, but even that is a failure, because you wait longer than 10 minutes. And, here's the kicker, after 5 minutes the live chat is rendered INACTIVE.


4 months ago

In my experience, they don't make much of an attempt to deliver items.
Phoning customer support is a waste of time; no one answers, no one calls back


6 years ago

Most Good. Look's trustworthy.


6 years ago

Cost-effective and fast when shipping form and to USA/CANADA.

Is Canpar legit or scam? Can I trust Canpar?

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