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5 months ago

Whilst the people here are really nice it is probably best to avoid them.

I purchased some timber from them, not all of it was square and was twisted – not the end of the world and it's always difficult with wood anyway.

What really ticked me off was like most I purchased over the required amount, as it's not great to leave the customer site to get more if you don't quite have enough.. So when returning the single length I was told I couldn't have the VAT back on it, when questioning why not – I was told it was a restocking fee… (not there is any signage there about restocking fees or on their website)…Now I could understand this if anyone else were charging restocking fees, or it was the nineties and they were paying a store man, rather than having a computer…. Having a single length extra isn't particularly unusual – it's good precaution so not a case of me having to get estimates better – what is worse I can't charge my customer for that length and the difference comes out of my pocket – admittedly it's only a few quid but that adds up – I generally feel I've been fleeced here and won't ever be going back there. I can find plenty of builders merchants who won't screw me over in this way so I'll be using them.

I'm sure they feel the fee is justified as their excuse is they're a small business… thing is so am I so it's me losing out whilst I'm sure they won't be for putting a single length of wood back an a moment re-entering it into stock.

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