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5 months ago

Katy is a swindler!!!
I needed a car for Driving test and hired the car in Test Car 1 company. The car was delivered by Katy one hour before the test, to let me to adapt to the car. We had drove through the city and, in 10 minutes before the test, she told me that I鈥檓 not ready and drove away.
As a result, I lost 拢155 (payment for the car) + 拢62 (payment for the exam) + one day off.
I hired the car for the Driving test but I didn't have the test due to her her personal decision. I've paid for the car but not for her opinion.
By the way. I have professional driving license (non UK) and more than 25 years of driving experience with no one accident and just 2 fines for the period. If Katy think that I can鈥檛 drive, I can conclude she is not able to drive at all.
I drove many thousands of kilometres in Germany, Australia, USA, Bulgaria, Czech, Poland and Russia. And she decided that I can't drive? It was just her personal opinion which means NOTHING.
I鈥檝e gotten impression that the main target of her behavior was to force me to pay for her lessons.
She is a real swindler because she lies:
1. She told me that she'll lose her license if I don't pass the test. I had a conversation with the examiners after she went away. They told me that it never happens if somebody didn't pass the test.
2. She asked me to pay her in advance, to secure the car booking. But today the people from Test Car 1 told me that no any prepayment is required and I should pay only after the test completed.
3. An official price for her personal service showed on the Test Car 1 site is 拢75 but she asked me to pay 拢80. Five pounds is not a conceptual amount for me but… she lies.
I expected that she'll contact me and will return me my money because she didn't allow me to have the test but it seems she has no conscience at all as well as a good driving experience.
I recommend everybody if you are hiring a car for Driving test and you are told that your driver is Katy, reject her and request for another driver.
Sorry for mistakes. I'm not a native speaker.

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