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1 year ago

I recently purchased a KC3000SSTWIN Kegerator from C/A/, which is a dual tap "Model" unit that turns out to be actually just a "package". What you receive is a converted refrigerator. Beyond that, the $779 KC3000TWIN is nothing more than the $489 BR3002 with a double tap kit. If you read the specs, they are identical except the KC3000 says it is auto defrost, whereas the BR3002 is manual defrost. I thought I was getting a better unit along with a dual tap, but I was duped! And again when all I received was a single tap! So I got the $489 BR3002 single tap "package" for $779! Then after sending all the requested photos to prove I hadn't gotten a double tap, I get nothing but crickets chirping, while my installer waits… I should mention that the unit came in a perfectly unmarked box, but was damaged. Telling me that is was likely beat up before it was boxed. Much thanks Roy and CA/ Kegerator, or who ever you are.

Update 9/1/219: I received my dual tap kit, and the spec error was acknowledged, and will be corrected. I received money off for the damage that I feel is fair, & a $50 rebate. Roy at CA expedited my case quickly. Thanks to all!

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