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4 years ago

Corgi's Labrador puppies Baltimore MD

Labrador Puppy Sales Fraud. Free Shipping to anywhere in US. After $ 600. was paid for puppy another $1200. was asked for insurance to ship.


4 years ago

Online puppy sale scam

Was looking for a Labrador and found online by a google search. Called phone # and was told puppies are available. Spoke to a man named Dave. He said he was in Atlanta, GA and told me I could have the puppy shipped to me same day, all he would need is my name, address and phone #. He told me I could pay using paypal and the cost including shipping would be $500. He said the puppy comes with papers and a 1yr guarantee. All sounded good until he sent me a personal email to send the money on paypal. He told me to pay by using the friends and family link so he wouldn't have to pay any fees. I also googled his address and it was a shopping center. He told me that's where his office was. I paid him like an idiot and after realizing I was scammed I disputed the payment with the protection services dept of paypal and they refunded the transaction amount. Thank God!! I then searched the phone # online and it was reported on scam two weeks prior for a pet scam using a different website that claimed to sell French Bulldogs.

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