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4 months ago

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3 years ago Here you can see Jason Chaffetz placing in perspective how subversive it is to apply our constitution to that doesn't live here. Europe has partically being destroyed with no way of recovering from the financial destruction that migrants have brought. But the destruction is not only financial, it is moral, social and psychological.

Here is another document, a must see video

Information is power. We are living in dangerous times and while we can communicate through site jabber, you tube, and any media outlet not connected to a subversive plot, we are still free to share the truth. The above video is a map road of what is happening, and how the media intends to protray anyone that wants a reprieve from large amounts of migrants, are labeled racist and why.


5 years ago

This is a review of Congress' official site. It is NOT a review of the members or of it's policies.

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