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12 years ago

Bought a "Used working 15 day warranty" motherboard for a laptop. Shipping was fairly fast, mobo was DOA, had broken pins and was literally bent into a U. emailed them letting them know, they agreed to send a new one out, new one came in and again, had broken pins and was DOA. they offered another one. third one was DOA, finally i broke down and asked for a refund, they said no problem, send the bad mobo's back and i would receive full refund under the warranty. Once i mailed the motherboards back, i never heard a word from them ever again. They're support line is wrong (the guy that picks up will tell you to call there new number and give it to you) and no one picks up, only able to access ONE voice mail, the rest are full. Never get a response from anyone. theyre smart, they will play nice until the 45 days is up so ebay/paypal cant do anything, then they will run with your money.

170 something dollars lost.



12 years ago

they sent me non working items (laptop keyboards). i sent them back to be tested upon their request. after that, no more communication. they ignore all my e-mails. shortly, they stole my $50 via ebay.

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